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Gongga Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gongga Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gongga Mountain area Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located in Luding, Kangding, Kowloon three county to Gongga Mountain as the center, by the Hailuogou, wood frame wrong, to be five sea, Gongga Nan composition of the slope, and other scenic spots, covering an area of 10,000 square l Km, as a state-level scenic areas of the stomach. Gongga Mountain region for the ethnic minority areas in which there would be Gongga Temple, the Temple Tower public Tibetan Buddhist temple, visitors can taste of the Tibetan, Yi, and so rich and colorful ethnic customs.

Gongga Mountain is the composition of the Gongga Mountain Scenic Spot one of the major attractions, about 200 km north-south, covering an area of 1,000 square kilometers, the main peak 7556 meters above sea level, for the first World Summit ll, Sichuan province's highest peak, known as Sichuan, "the king of the mountains", in 1957 our team has boarded the peak. The main peak and sister-wrapped snow peaks throughout the year, around 145 buildings with an elevation of five or six meters Bing-Feng, rising peaks, linked to the snow-capped mountains, the Meteorology Series.

Tibetan language, "Gong" is on the ice and snow "Ga" as the white, which means "white tip." Gongga Mountain glaciers to well-known, there are the foothills of the modern 159 glaciers, covering an area of more than 390 square kilometers, is the world's marine glaciers of the earliest development of the region. Of which there are well-known one Hailuogou Glacier, Glacier Goumba, Sembawang glaciers, glacial groove and go with fashion Swallow Gap glaciers, ice thickness of up to 150-300 meters, very spectacular. Due to the erosion of glaciers, steep mountain into a pyramid, towering, into the blue sky.


  Gongga Mountain terrain between high and low, bottom-up in a subtropical, warm temperate, boreal and sub-frigid zone, the frigid zone, With cold, snow and ice with 7 climate zones, a specific geographical location and special weather conditions, the formation of a multi-level plant with three-dimensional and unique natural landscape. An elevation of 5,000 meters above the mountain, snow; low altitude, no smoke foot of the slope over the forest zone, green and luxuriant, the original ecological environment, Sen The impact of human activities by a small, full of vegetation, almost from the subtropical to frigid mountains survive all the plant species of rare plants and a large variety of plants have more than 4880, the state-protected rare species of 400 species, the eastern valley region Left a lot to be known as "living fossils" of ancient The flora and fauna. The habitat of wild animals here reached more than 400 species of rare and protected species, 28 species of the world wild animals and plants of the Grand View Garden.

  Spread all over the tip of the lake, more than 10 high altitude lakes located in scenic areas within. There are well-known wood frame wrong, to be five sea, people , Sembawang Sea, and so on, or at the foot of the glacier, or surrounded by forest, clear and transparent water color, maintains the original, beautiful landmarks, Fangruo "Jade Pool in Wonderland."

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