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Jincheng Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jincheng Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill is located in Jincheng Yuechi, Nanchong, Pengan at the junction of the three counties. 824 m above sea level, there are 99 peaks, 36 springs, 48 caves. Hill Rise, also known as Jincheng Mountain, said to be in possession of tens of thousands of stone Rise in Kwong Fuk treasury door, Kinmen and Matsu there drawing long grind, if close to Shek Pik, the grinding sound of Latin America will be heard vague. Park 100 m from the "Xiao Xitian"; Nanjing door is legendary leader of the peasants in the late Ming Zhang Xianzhong built. There are mountains, "Shen Xiandong," Ge Hong Dao Xuejia said to the Eastern Jin Dynasty in the religious, there is a "hold-bashing" by the book, every wind of sunshine, the book will open on January 1, Dong Ding on the boulder on the sun , For the purpose of obtaining Zhenjing Named "stone by the sun."

  Jincheng long bell in a Buddhist Temple in the forest makes it especially vacant. Mountainside along the east line, a large pine slope to show in front of dozens of towering pine trees and, missed a pair of pine trees from the sun shot down, so that the sloping pine adds vigor and vitality. Climb over the last 800 Step on board the concept of Taiwan can be described as "list of small hills," a distance of rivers, mountains, terraced fields vague and high level of scattered far from the last close to the house, reminiscent of "white people are the depths of" poem . View of the audience on the "hit-hole", a number of holes indoor Guanyin statue Songzi like stone. Old legends, many good men F "son of Taiwan to fight" with coins of people throwing objects from a small stone fight in order to grant Goddess of Mercy Health Takako. Shi Jing covered with pine needles along the way forward, came to the "Southern Golden Gate," You are here Jincheng Shan stone in mind, is the Qing Dynasty, Li Peng Zhaozhuan, as a result of old, weathered rock falling incomplete text.

Hill also Jincheng Wofo rock, dolomite, Bai Longdong various attractions. Jincheng Shan has more than 3,000 acres of forest, Buqiao times, bamboo, grass and other plants and herbal medicine. The pine, Zhuhai, Xian-feng, Qidong, clear spring, ancient temples, legends, stone people are reluctant favorite.

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