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Thousand Island Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Thousand Island Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lake in the rich aquatic resources, Sichuan is famous aquatic base. Huang is on the east coast forest lawn. There are old quarry area on the left bank of the Ming Emperor Jianwen asylum territorial waters when the closure of the special "temple food", Cliff Figures are in the vicinity of the existing 13.

  Grand Lake northeast of the Hukou Township stopped Liangshan Ma Village, Sichuan Petroleum Well team in the winter of 1988 when the exploitation of the natural gas found in the "four wells on the" hot hole.

  Thousand Island Lake Honghu a total length of 26 km, in JIULONG Linshui Xian, Li hometown, Long Beach Township, about 15 km in the territory, covering an area of 2.5 hectares, with a total storage capacity 368,000,000 cubic meters. Luo island in Lake Star game Hong Kong fork over 100, constitutes a complicated and confusing network of the lake. Fishing boat shuttle, the little white sail, rich One of the scene of flooding water. Lake in the rich aquatic resources, Sichuan is famous aquatic base. Lake water birds in a white crane, Dayan, Cang distraction, and so on more than 10 species of kingfisher. On the left bank of the old quarry area, Emperor Jianwen travel far and wide over the "temple food" Honghe large formerly the East River, in 1958 as a result of the national territory of longevity in the construction of large hydroelectric Honghe and changed its name. Lan He trapped livestock water, water flow backward dozens of kilometers along the fertile farmland inundated more than 25,000 acres of fertile soil. Today the formation of large areas of the lake water network, known as the Great Lake. Lake Fork River China, the island Romanian stars Cloth, was a "Thousand Island Lake" reputation, Chan said, poetry: a pearl of water, Thousand Island scenery drawing wins.

  Grand Lake has beautiful scenery throughout the year, the charming scenery, the steady stream of visitors. Whenever the weather, visitors ascend a height overlooking Lake, the lake level can be seen as a mirror; Kuril spread all over the place During the shuttle fishing boat, the little white sail, water trough Yan, Shanguangshuise, rich One-taek Park, scene of the water. Dawn here, the lake's blue You Guang Fan Zhao, far and near mountain. Piaomiao murky; when the sun sets, 10,000 rays, sparkling, accompanied by fishing boats on the lake to the rest aircraft, shore wave of smoke, the shepherd boy who around the lake Laugh, his music is also spring.

  You also Honghu winter, there is no lack of taste, a touch of white mist may Qingsha cover in the broad lake, all are in the twilight, his term visitors to the Imagination. If Dangzhou Honghu, but see vast Yan Bo, Shuitianyise, fell across the Castle Peak reflected in the water, floating lake changes Cloud-shaped, Yousi days in the upper reaches of the vessel, painted in the Bank of China, there is often "a heavy water Complex Hill have no doubt, the prospect of" pleasant surprise. On the east coast, stretching north-south is the constant touch of green Castle, which is well-known yellow forest lawn. On shore, the legendary Ming Dynasty Emperor Jianwen asylum territorial waters when the closure of the special "temple food" There are also in the vicinity of the existing Cliff Figures 13.

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