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Crane hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Crane hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Crane Huaying City Xikou six holes at Fort Pond, 690 meters above sea level, formed in Erqianwannian ago, with a total length of 10 km, 3 km have been developed. Reported, crane dong "crane", Wuhan is the Yellow Crane Tower cranes over the point, here to see beautiful scenery, spectacular Dong Jing, in the hole for a long time to live down, named Hedong. Hole peculiar landscape, dazzling. "Waterlilies" and "welcoming Gusong" and "bridges", "Crane Habitat Tingquan" and "Harbor in the air" and "Buddhist monks play" a variety of lifelike images.

Crane hole of the National Scenic Area is one of the eight major Buddhist holy foot of Baoding, accounting for More than 10,000 acres, high-Hill, Wei Yan, water radical, dangerous gorge, Lin Shen, Qi hole in one case Provincial Forest Nature Reserve.

Crane's unique natural scenic hole, the main attractions are the five mountain valley two holes, that is, double Shishan, crane dong, Dong Cao, Shuang Shi-dong, Guanyin Dong, particularly home-dong, five bifurcated Canyon, Happy Valley. One hole crane about 20 kilometers, there are holes the size of support space cave-in of more than 40 square meters 200O; Wuchagou valley 4,000 meters long, more than 10 large and small waterfalls, bamboo 1000k acres, magnificent, fascinating .

  In particular the crane hall, King More surprising, thousands of stalactite landscape, bristling all over, like some fairy party, and some Chuixiao like a wise man, like some musicians playing. Hall also had a "hand-washing pool", "Optimus Prime," "Music Gallery" and "Angels" and "red sun", "Bridge", and other wonderful landscapes, people do not head Xia access. The largest hole Office has more than 500 square meters, the top 69 m, the branch hole over the past 50 months, more than 300, Dongnuanxialiang hole, like spring all year round. There is a river cave fish, people could see the viscera, commonly known as "glass fish." Cidong from the development since 1998 has been 2.8 km opening to the outside world. Dragon King's palace, Gong, Underwater World, Yin river path, and other landscape under development. AA is for the state-level tourism zones.

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