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Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hailuogou 4A is a state-level scenic spots, and Ganzi Prefecture in Sichuan Province is located in Luding County, from Luding county 53 kilometers away from Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, 298 km. Hailuogou to large-scale modern low-altitude glaciers known to the world, 14.7 km long glacier, Glacier 6 km into the forest, glaciers above sea level the lowest point in 2 50 meters. It into virgin forest, rare animals and plants, hot springs, waterfalls together, constitute a strange and magnificent scenery, is the world's major cities from the most recently entered the modern glaciers. Gongga Mountain glaciers have 71, 255 square km area of glaciers, mountains and cross the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the largest in the eastern sea Group of glaciers. Gongga Mountain which is located under the main peak elevation 4800M-3720M large ice falls high-1080M, a wide 500-1100M, equivalent to 21 times the Huangguoshu Falls, is the world has found a very small number of available throughout the year on the low-latitude low Glacier above sea level, is one of the world can be Tours of one of the largest ice falls.

Glacier is a solid silver in the world, the Creator uncanny workmanship shape ice cave, ice mushrooms, Bing Talin, ice cracks, and other wonders of glaciers. As the glaciers and pine forests since below into the primeval forest, as long as 6KM, it is also known as the "green ice", in the glaciers, not hand - Non-rigid foot, by virtue of drift ice and gravel line, which can roam the mysterious world of silver.

At the same time, is also a "hot spring town," the water temperature at 40-60 ?, where visitors can dock a small hot spring bath. Hailuogou average annual temperature of 10-15 ?, the lowest winter temperature of minus 2-5 ?, known as " 4:00 King, different days Shiliquan "said.

Syracuse is a large flow of hot springs spa, traffic on 8900 tons. Hot Springs are located at an altitude of 2600M, 1900M and 1500M, the highest outlet temperature of 92 degrees.

Hailuogou primeval forest area of 70 square km It is China's oldest and most primitive living species to preserve one of the regions. All kinds of wild ornamental plants limelight, will decorate Hailuogou into a colorful world. Hailuogou in the world at the same time many of the habitats of rare animals

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