Sunday, November 9, 2008

According to Ji Mi drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to Ji Mi drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kyrgyzstan is a secret in accordance with the Songhua River water system, power flows through the rail section is about 80 kilometers, with an average water depth of about 1 meter. Beautiful natural scenery along the river, grass-green fresh flowers, white water surging river from time to time, to ease the smooth sometimes, Forestry bergamot major scenic mountains, through the Yongsan, the Wolong mountain, sun and drift through the gorge, such as whole. In recent years here Made the building of a standard water up and down Pier 7, floating facility is perfect, Heilongjiang is one of the major rafting tours.

  Ji River Crusoe close in the summer, the river twists and turns, the bottom clear, blue waves, River rocks at Castle Peak, a variety of game fish underwater, the two sides has beautiful scenery and fresh grass-green flowers odd tree Allows you to savor the leisure brought at the same time through the dangerous shoals of white water stimulation.

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