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Zhaojun Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhaojun Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhaojun Baotou is located in the urban areas to the south of the island about 30 kilometers south of the Yellow River, Ordos and Zhaojun graves across the sea, and the remaining three sides surrounded by a tributary of the Yellow River, the island's embrace of the pipa Zhaojun statue, which got its name.

Zhaojun Island 4 km from east to west, 2.5 km wide north-south, the better the natural environment on the island , Boarded the viewing floor, is a broad look south of the vast Yellow River, north of the reed is lush swing, during which visitors rafting, could enjoy the scenery of the Jiangnan Water Village. Flora and fauna on the island is rich in resources, dry desert plants and 25 kinds of plants, birds, about 25.

  Batu is a township government financing for the construction of a new Tour attractions. Crescent Bay on the island have, Dragon Bay, Creek and other natural water source and an area of 8 square kilometers of natural grassland, all winter migratory birds throughout the year, Jaap bird habitat and breeding on the island, there are red fox, rabbit Mongolia , Muskrat II and the state to protect rare birds and swans. In order to facilitate the tourists sightseeing on the island, degrees Tourism in the region with motor boats, yachts, ferry, yurts, as well as the national style restaurants and other service facilities, visitors enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, can also carry out swimming, horse riding, fishing, and other recreational activities.

  Beautiful natural environment on the island, boarded the viewing floor, looking south of the Yellow River is a vast vast To the north of the reed is lush swing, during which boating visitors can enjoy the water scenery. The island has a statue of Wang Zhaojun's embrace of the pipa, has long strange "Stella" for visitors to watch. In addition to the restaurant on the island nation Mongolian-style food, but also provide fresh of the Yellow River carp.

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