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New Century Youth Ecological Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

New Century Youth Ecological Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baotou City in the new century Youth Ecological Park (3A national scenic areas), Baotou City, located in the building of the West Road overpass about 200 meters away, with a total area of approximately 1,000 acres. Baotou City from the East River area, 5 km, 8 km away from the Castle Peak area, the East River from the railway station 12 km away from Baotou West Railway Station, 15 km, 15 km from the airport, things Baotou City is the center of the four zones, to facilitate traffic, the advantage obviously is now completed a large-scale integrated ecological base.

Grassland area by the park, a memorial forest, national restaurant area, race track, and fire units, villas, moose Court, agricultural technology demonstration areas, such as a few parts. Baotou New Century Youth Park is an ecological tourism, leisure, vacation into a national folk culture and customs comprehensive park. The park covers an area of acres of a green area of more than 90%, of which 120 acres of grassland, more than 10,000 trees of 20. There are a variety of the park reflects the characteristics of the Mongolian And building activities, such as the Prairie Festival, the ecological park week, race week, the evening campfire, and so on; in addition to Australia Zoo can appreciate, the African ostrich, deer Changbai Mountain; visit the high-tech agricultural demonstration parks; taste of Mongolian cuisine.

  Central Park is located in the mu of grassland, such as green , Have a stroll on the grass of the cattle, horse, sheep, camels, so that the tourists here to experience the feeling of the prairie, waist-deep clover, might well be described as "the wind is low grass and sheep" of the natural ecology Scenery. , Is further away Zhanfang white - the national catering area, where visitors will get a taste Pa meat, roasted Pai, a self-made dairy products such as the various characteristics of the Mongolian delicacy.

In a memorial forest has a variety of commemorative trees, the majority of visitors to the park to provide a variety of saplings, visitors can own a tree planting in the tour, also made a contribution to improving the ecological environment. Knight visitors in the park can be seen on horseback Speech, you can personally experience the feeling of Knight. Moose come to stroll Court, people can travel to watch from the Changbai Mountains in northeast deer, ostriches in Africa and Australia, the ostrich, peacock, Yunnan, beautiful, beautiful to watch, is reluctant favorite. Grassland in the night, and family members, friends around Huopang, to enjoy singing, dancing, Bieyoufengwei. Park not only in European-style villas, to provide accommodation for tourists, but also in Inner Mongolia's largest high-tech agricultural demonstration zone, first-class facilities.

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