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Dai-US call - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dai-US call - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dai is located in the United States and call 80 km east of the city of Baotou, was built in the Ming-Lung-year period, it is Lamaism Mongolia into a major center of preaching.

Dai Yishanbangshui call the United States, scenic, construction on a more unique style. It is like the Central Plains Han-style integration of Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs built, is a "temple city of knot , The Buddha who were home, "Lama Miao. With a total area of about 4,000 square meters, inside a large number of murals, such as the Main Hall in the history of Buddha and murals depicting scenes of the Buddha Mongolia nobility of the murals are in good condition, the study of the Ming Dynasty Meng Gushi , The history of Buddhism, the history of architecture, art history are very important Mongolia is a nation Shanzhan brave people, the army of Genghis Khan had iron heel of the European land of the mill grinding, to the Department of Pimi, heroic deeds never go down in history set! Genghis Khan's successor to the submission of Islam, but at home it is acceptable to children and grandchildren of Tibetan Buddhism. Qing Ming-Lung years, the soil silent Mongolia Ministry of the main closures Khan Shunyi Wang, in the city was built on land Tumochuan Temple. Wanli next three years (in 1575) built the first Temple City, named Abbey Ling, after the Temple life. Ci Ming-fu of the city court. Living in Madain Hutu-Zhi Ketu in Hong Chuan Buddhism, Sakyamuni will be willing to creation of large generation born dedicated to teaching Sri Lanka in support of the elders at home. Wanli next 34 years (1606), he came to the Missionaries of grassland, presided over the life of the Temple for religious activities. Because of his performance significantly, the number of persons, in order to commemorate his achievements in the Temple were also known as the temple in Madain, a step strongly Dai Temple in the United States or on-call. Dai-call is a rare collection of temples, the Palace and the city into one building. Temple surrounded by earth building stone walls of the package insert, Dunhou strong, can resist the army's cavalry and artillery shells like rain in the raid. Rectangular slightly throughout the city, 681 meters perimeter, has a 1.40 turret, the central wall to open the Shing Mun. Worship of the Buddha Church in the city, the Mountain Gate title reads "imperial plans to consolidate, Dili Xianning Road, Wan folk music, to clarify the whole world," saying, signed the "Da-ming Jin," rather special. Is not only "that" Dynasty, how can there be "Jin"? I can not understand why. After the construction of the main temple there together, the Main Hall, Rohan Hall and Hall of Guanyin, and so on, Tall and magnificent buildings, Buddhist worship hall, like the Buddha, and instruments used in display, the walls are painted-story Buddha statue, and other law enforcement and the content of the murals. Wang Shun-yi-generation family living in the depths of buildings in the city, the temple of the Queen Mother sandalwood tower, the Queen Mother reservoir placed ashes.

  Mother is the greatest, with her own milk Education of the children one by one, children grow into their own aging. Almost like a silkworm silk, dedicated his whole life. Therefore, people should commemorate her!

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