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Yongxing Lake Tourist Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongxing Lake Tourist Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongxing lake formed 50 million years ago, business has more than 2,000 years. Wing Hing is not high mountain lake, the water is not, however, matched landscape, beautiful scene in mountains, the lake like a mirror, Timing of migratory birds, dancing shadows, clean air, river water, such as green landscape, as well as the evening campfire, local Culture, is Drunk, away. Fishing, hiking, swimming, boating, sightseeing, it is worth a visit. In the natural landscape, different shapes, vivid wow people. "Turtles best in the world," realistic, image of qi, Chinese and foreign tourists known as the "peerless treasures." "Alien", "Shi Bao Dai," tens of meters high, rough decade Meters, stands tall in the Western Hills Lake Wing Hing, "unique in the world," How no one to crack. "Flying stone" and how to fly and how to split a four, leaving strings of suspense. "Ping-dong," the magic, "Dolphins still infatuated with the" romantic "Wofo" mysterious "grassland scenery," the charming, you have to leave The limit of reverie and unforgettable. Yongxing lake surrounded by radiation, to the east of the "ancient temple ruins," there are now 10,000 years of history in the west Ushiyama busy "high mountain into the cloud", primeval forest, south of the city has "brake tiger's mouth" at the junction of Inner Mongolia and Shanxi Department ancient Great Wall, north of a "hada Mountain" like the valley, standing on a hill dizzy Bottomless, there is momentum in the South. Aliens a long time ago, the unidentified flying object fell to the Western Hills Lake Yongxing, people did not dare Jin Qian, after a person here, Andrew is his alien fossils. The rock, about 30 meters high and 10 meters thick, stands at the top of the hill. The image of extraterrestrial life, ears, eyes, nose and clear See, in particular his mouth, as if the world should swallow it, Yelanrenjing, as if he heard the sound of singing, after people come here to burn incense to bless peace and happiness.
Bao Dai Shi

Bao Dai Shi Yongxing located in the mountains west of the lake, about 3 km away from the lake. Bao Dai stone 30 meters high, 10 meters thick, If the potential pan, majestic, tall and straight. Visitors to this amazed, as if feeling. One person went, away. As a result of two huge Xingzhuang Si, while Jia is also a stone for, it said Shi Bao Dai. Lake Wing-hing said it was less than Shi Bao Dai, as if less than the Great Wall of China, life-long regret.

Wofo Legend has it that early Lu Cultural and Arts, via a small village, a few dog bite Lu go up, and this is "a dog Lu, good or bad people did not know" the origin. Among hurried to the Hushan Yongxing came on, in the mountains of Dadu Maitreya seeing this, busy with their own bodies to protect the back Lu. Years away, Lu Xiu Zhengguo, Maitreya saved thanks to the TU, for the stone Wofo point, point to a number of stone dogs, all the year round for the guardian of Maitreya. In the course of time, Wofo appeared, people pray to bless life-long happiness.


According to the Legend of the Eight Immortals in the early years Yongxing Lake exercises, many of the stones appear out of the blue one day, I do not see , Rushed into all peace-dong, survived the disaster. After the party is known as the Monkey King Havoc in Heaven. To thank the Cave of the saved, called Ping-dong. Since then, peace appeared hole. How many years, people sought refuge for the misfortunes that have come here to drill holes, pray for peace and happiness life.

Dragon Century

Wing Hing Long Lake Century The public to adopt a long Erlongxizhu created, each 10-meter-long long, 2 meters high, not only embodies the mighty dragon, and the sense of the times in the new century. China has a long folk legend in the boundless power of, the rain clouds cloth, for the benefit of the people. Long represents the authority, courage, and longevity. We have to build the "Century Dragon" for the permanent stay of Read for the blessing of the motherland is the dragon may take off for the tourists to come here like Fu Long, the well-being, to take off. Legend of the best in the world turtles Sin-Han Xiang Lake in Yongxing practice, lunged at the wind one day, the son of Han Xiang involved in the lake, after a struggle not to swim ashore, it is necessary to see the victims, the lake's life-saving heard the sound of a turtle, Shen Underwater, the exhaustion of his life effort to rescue Han Xiang-shore. Turtle tired, unable to return to Lake. In the course of time into a stone turtle. Sacrificed their lives to save the turtle, God moved, called "the best in the world turtles," Han Xiang son to thank for the help of ex tortoise, turtles trained piper for relief of boredom. It has become a happy, long life and good Zheng.

Flying stone

According to the research, about 500,000, a weight of millions of tons of meteorite from heaven, fell on Yongxing Hill, suck out the current Wing Lake, passing the meteorite also scattered in the surrounding mountains, has been that a large number of Rocks. In a piece of stone in, as the sun changes, The Aura, the Lao know, the Jade Emperor in the newspaper. Jade Pazai into a stone monkey Sun Wukong. As a result Lightning II life to God for this meteorite split four are now clearly visible, it is a myth, but a huge meteorite into four, has been a mystery, no deciphering.

Still infatuated with dolphins
A long time ago, weeks The people in Yongxing Lake temple fair held every year, people coming and going, great excitement. This year, the lake could hear the dolphins Rushen, too obsessed, do not want to return to Lake. Today, the petrochemical into like, feel better life on earth. Dolphins legend singing a Chinese beauty, and her long wait for appointments, not always beautiful, sad dolphins The tears fall. This is still infatuated with the dolphin story.

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