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Alxa Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Alxa Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Alxa League located in western Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Yinchuan, Shizuishan, Dawukou across the city, with the West Jiuquan, Gansu Province, Zhangye and Wuwei region linked with the north-east Bayannur League, Ju Meng, Wuhai City, which borders , North of Mongolia and the junction of 733.84 km long border. Alxa League dominates Alxa Banner, Alxa Right Banner, the flag Ejin. Civil Administration Alxa League in the town of Banner Bayanhaote.

Alxa in the region before the establishment of the People's Republic of China, although more than 200 years of historical development, but productivity is very low Only the original behind a single animal husbandry, political, economic and cultural in a closed state. After 50 years of construction, the Alxa area workers, farmers, animal husbandry industry, the rapid development of the 1998 gross domestic product has reached 1,640,000,000 yuan, jartai salt, salt yabrai, jartai soda plant, La mine, Mongolia and Hong Kong's Stone, C. Elementary carding plants, and wool carpets Elementary Alxa rossica Group, as well as Inner Mongolia, Western Inner Mongolia are the key enterprises. Domestic and foreign markets have been too much of the West known as the Gulag of anthracite coal is the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's exports products, a The region accounted for 10% of the total exports.

Alxa League of traditional industries and animal husbandry are, in order to breed and Bactrian camel, Western Inner Mongolia Cashmere goats of the most well-known. Alxa League of the total number of camels in the region of about 3 /5, the country's 1 /3 of the world's 1 /4. Alxa reputation was "Camel town." Alxa League Tuomao the country's total annual production output of 1 /2 above, as the "Palace Tuomao." Western Inner Mongolia Cashmere goats in the world known for its fine quality cashmere, the country was classified as rare breed, cashmere produced by foreign-called "fiber precious stones," the wool textile industry is a high-grade raw materials, total production 1 /10.

Alxa League average annual sunshine time in more than 3100 hours, after the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Also very rich in hydropower resources. The use of solar energy, hydropower generation and has broad prospects.

Alxa League of land rich in resources, with a total area 7251 million, accounting for the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the total land area of 21.5 percent, per capita land area of 2194.5 acres. Of which 24 million mu of cultivated land, unused land 17098.5 million. League-wide agricultural land resources are advised to 64.1 million, mainly in the irrigated area in the plains and along the river and lake basin Local sites; Yilin 14,730 mu of land resources are mainly located in the Helan Mountain, Ejin River water and soil conditions and better the lot of plain and lake; should close 18958.5 million mu of land resources, most of all UNITA-wide distribution; In addition There are 981 hectares of forest and grass should be aerial, the main points Elementary in south-east of the Tengger and Ulan Buh Desert and on the brink.

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