Sunday, November 9, 2008

Agate Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Agate Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Agate Lake is located in Bayan sum Gobi Desert in northwest China, covering an area of 6 square kilometers, is a dry lake bed, with agate Lake stone surface exposed, light yellow, Qian Hong, around the lake, who whips, who like small beans, Jingying Bright, dazzling.

  Lake said that the agate strange, because in the bottom of it and four weeks, covered with Bright red crystal, agate stone's bright and lovely, the unique desert blue sky, the sun backed shine, shine, like a jewel paved the carpet, particularly spectacular, as if this visitors to a colorful wonderland. What is even more amazing is that whenever the sunset in the early fall, dozens of kilometers away can see the lake agate Agate to the red light of the setting sun and reflects into the sky. If you catch up with white clouds from the sky after, the refractive index of agate will become a white colored, is fascinated soul fly.

  A few years ago, agate herdsmen living around the lake, often found more to enjoy agate stone home, but they do not know the value of the color of the stone. News Kai, a number of people from the profit motive, Wu Late scatter in all directions to the flag after the acquisition prices of the agate Lake stone of agate, carnelian resources have been caused heavy damage. The local government immediately on the alert, strengthen management, to prohibit any person to dig agate Lake stone. According to my old friend, Bayannur League League chief said that Mr. Hu Yifeng, in order not to The magic of agate in the desert away from the lake, with the exception of prohibited quarrying, but also to speed up the ecology of the lake surrounding the pace of construction for the agate Lake Yong Zhu often create a favorable ecological environment.

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