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Yang Hung-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Hung-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Hung-I stare at the town 110 km northwest of the Lang Shan. Of which there are mountains southeast of the legendary monument Li Ling, South of the Great Wall beacon towers have Zhao, the North has Jack Ancient rock paintings of the temple is a unique delight to visit the place.

Hong Yang Chang-dong 30 meters, the average height of 2.5 meters, 3 meters width, natural Nursing thickness of 50 meters. Hong sheep into the hole about 8 meters, the terrain gradually wide re-entry 2O meters deep, and then boarded a dozen steps, and a hole 6 meters deep, 4 meters wide and 2 meters high. A small hole left Shihmen, into the Shihmen on stage 78 was blocked. Bottom water, stone, there are overflow spring water. Yang Hung-dong , The cutting of two one-meter square of the shrine, wood rimmed, which have their own plastic Xiang Yizun, for a Jiaozan, for a Mengliang. Reported, as a result of Yang Pirates of the industry remains active, it is a statue dedicated to legislation.

Hong Yang was also around the hole on cover-up, plus on-grid hole, two-day bug-dong, pro-savings. These and Dong Fu Yangjia Jiang said that in the future and for a "Yang Jiaqiang Kingdoms" are closely related. Hong Yang, although located in the northwest desert hole, but the odd one or two quiet, three, four insurance has attracted many foreign visitors.

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