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Li Mei more - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Mei more - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mei Li Zhao is more established in 1677, thanks to the Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty Farmington, "Kwong Temple Law" to read that rolled by the Mongolian language. Call the Temple there are 24. In 1960, as a result of changes in administrative divisions, vested in the suburb of Baotou City (now nine in the same district).

The liberation of the early, more power-Mei Zhao area of 24,000 square meters, construction Area of 4520 square meters, a total of 5 halls. Grand Palace alone, "Maida Er" in the Calais Hachijo foot tall statue of Buddha. Lama when there were up to 500 people for more than a hundred people within a fixed salary. In the "Cultural Revolution", the halls of Buddha, and books for the device destroyed.

Third Plenary Session of the 11th to To implement the religious policy, called the temple and gradually resumed normal religious activities. To date, more power-Mei Zhao past nine reincarnation of Living Buddha, Living Buddha ninth World Figure Mengke Ba, in December 13, 1990 called back to preside over the Senate so far.

Li Mei is more tourist spots located in the city of Baotou, about Kundulun 0 km, back Wulashan pines Calocedrus the foothills, the National Highway 110 north and the Baotou-Lanzhou railway, about 1 km east of perennial streams, the scenery is very elegant, 9 of the city bus transportation is very convenient.

Mei Li also the only existing temple in China's use of the Mongolian-Tibetan scriptures of the combination of Ancient temples. Has a unique natural scenic natural beauty, Junqiao rocks, numerous flowers and trees, birds Feiming, Runs Falls, beautiful magical, enchanting scenery.

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