Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zhao Great Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the south of the Urals can be seen on and off when it is hidden when a band of Ishigaki, which is the Warring States period of 27 years, Zhao Ling (299 years ago) to build the Great Wall site. It ul along the southern edge of?????extend 42 kilometers to the places disappearance of rural hai. There is also a 27-year Zhao Ling (former 299 ) To build the Great Wall. Baotou City, after it entered the Guyang Bameng?????than too small rural north-east, along the Tai Shan Chas Ukraine into the West not to wave the mouth, Seerteng Mountain Pass a few wolves in the northern foothills north-west stretch Langshan Wu Late into the flag after the wave of Gwen Dorsey have disappeared in the territory of Bameng up to 240 km.

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