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Wulashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yinshan to the Urals branch, the Trans-Bameng south-east. Western Hills Tsui west, east Kundulun River, 94 km from east to west and 20 km wide north-south mountain with a total area of 209 mu. An elevation of 1500-2322 m or so, the large main peak 2322 meters above sea level Cheng back. More than 100 years ago, the Urals show great scenery , Dense forests, many wild animals. The past 100 years, there have been two forest fires, forests have been almost completely destroyed, only to later initiation of secondary forest Pianpian.

In 1950, the country where the establishment of a state-run tree farms. After 30 years of closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation and reforestation, the current Lin area has reached 22 million mu. The main tree species are davidiana, white birch, juniper, and Hill Dan Ruru side of the fruit, such as Parkinson's. There are a lot of mountains and bush medicine wild forests, mainly xanthina, acid fruit, apricot, yellow, Spiraea, plant, peony, astragalus, Shandan and so on. June to September each year, the brilliant Yamahana, light aroma To the Urals, said the beautiful scenery. Mount Tai Ye Chong lush green background, such as sea-green pines. Jimu view, the surging Yellow River, such as Pentium dragon away, Panorama Steel panoramic view; looking northwest, Wu Late in the vast grassland are mirror of a dazzling piece of Wuliangsuhai mounted on the northern homeland. Cheng is a big back tourism, treatment And the summer resort.

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