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Tourist spots in the South China Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tourist spots in the South China Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the South China Sea, the waters of the vast, beautiful scenery, according to North Castle, south of the Yellow River, the mighty, Chan Miao Miao, the rippling blue waves, gull group Xiang Ji, Gui Lan Zhou Zhao, the answer's Song, known as "Beyond the Great West" reputation. In 2001 the country has been rated AAA-class tourist scenic spot, the same year, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has been approved for the province Yellow River wetland nature reserve.

  Natural profile
  China's Baotou in the South China Sea is within the larger one of the scenic lake, close to the Yellow River, covers an area of 1585 hectares, of which 333 hectares area of water, wet grassland area of 15,000 acres, more than 200 kinds of wild animals and plants flourish here Interest rates.
  Baotou old known as "Terminal flood" of the title, with water on the pier
Hai Zi is a guide to pier is the shore of the Yellow Emperor Kangxi years as a shipping port throughput so far has been 330 years of history. 30 light (1850), the Yellow River diversion, the original Tuoketuo Nanhe Town were flooded, the son of the South China Sea from crossing into the upper and middle reaches of Yellow River water transportation hub and distribution center for fur, old Baotou in the northwest region's economic status has undergone major changes, economic prosperity, the South China Sea so that the world-famous ferry. Witness the vast river of history, son of the South China Sea ferry had "Lin Chuan Fa" As well as the prosperity of the decline of the river to leave.

  Yellow-fin large gold carp
  Nanhai Park of Baotou City, formerly species stations, has a long history of fishery production. There are wild varieties of the Yellow River carp, Hualian, silver carp, crucian carp, grass carp and other traditional varieties, there are Eriocheir sinensis, the Yellow River catfish, amblycephala ( Chang fish), the beautiful white shrimp, and other valuable aquatic products, rich in aquatic products has attracted a taste of the South China Sea, "whole fish feast" of the people, has attracted a vast number of fishing enthusiasts.

  Recreation projects
  Water projects have pleasure in the air flying umbrella, boats, water taxis, Jiaota Chuan, Wu Pengchuan more than a dozen varieties such as land Recreation projects
There are cars, wild rats, Happy Valley, controlled aircraft, travel by boat to the lake is a peacock-based mini-zoo, there are only 100 Peacock, playing with friends, reflect the harmony between man and nature. Also to the Wetland Reserve, the shore of the Yellow River to a picnic, game fishing, photography, in the However, spending leisure time, there are bathing beaches, water parks, and so step by step open to the public.

  The specialty of wild South China Sea to the Yellow River carp large gold wings as the main raw material of cooking, "whole fish feast," Hong fresh and delicious, far and near civilization. The main point of dining there is World Water, a small river bend resort, Wave House, luxury decoration, elegant environment, is a gathering of friends, the holiday home of the best place to go.

  Park, the South China Sea for all our staff will be full of enthusiasm, thoughtful, welcome to the community in the South China Sea tourism, leisure holiday. At the same time, also welcomed the community to actively participate in people with lofty ideals Made in the South China Sea, the building of the ranks of the South China Sea.

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