Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tara Enkhsaikhan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tara Enkhsaikhan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tara Enkhsaikhan, Mongolian word for beautiful grassland, with a total area of nearly million. Wong has grassland, grassland has steel city in the country is also unique.

Enkhsaikhan Tara hot zone is located in Castle Peak Road, south of the beautiful mesa above the prairie, from the hot heart of the Provisional Gao Zhan Yuan Wang Shen Yi.

The original hot green roof on top of more than 30 different sizes of yurts, Ju San density, which decorate. The tall package, the sacred Hong Mani, Jane and good race track, archery range, wrestling games, fire units and adjacent to accompany the cattle, horses, camels, sheep, deer, pasture, formed a Park return Simplicity, the very characteristics grass Landscape.

Enkhsaikhan Tara hot, contains very strong Mongolian food, clothing, recreational, ethnic song and dance, the wedding grassland, the reception ceremony, and other cultural customs. Transportation extending in all directions. There is indeed one of the prairie city a tourist destination.

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