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Changde Poetry Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changde Poetry Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuanjiang a quietly through the city and, to the city of Changde Northwestern historical and cultural city has added a lot of the Aura, Changde Poetry Wall, but also the beautiful dress Yuanjiang city's unique human landscape.
Changde walk, her historical and cultural relics have been rare, but Changde Poetry Wall, the new cultural project Into the beautiful city landmarks. I set foot on the land of Changde, Changde of hospitality, always take you to visit the magnificent culture and highly walls of poetry and poetry wall Park

Changde familiar from Mr. Shen Congwen described by the start of Yuanjiang. Shen Chin-read text from the first Described by the Changde city, Ho, Ho small, boatmen, sailors Mayang, scheduled ancient man, the words flash frequently jump ... ... Yuanjiang and hair as a result of Changde, Changde customs, where little charm it had in Yuanjiang.
Yuanjiang, created in Changde, Changde to have brought in by the ever flooding. An anti - River, the Pentium ever stopped in Yuanjiang City, defiant of the river often jump up on Tiding to the city to alarm people with anxiety. In 1991, Changde were determined to eradicate flooding, re-construction of embankment. If you stop here, a common flood control embankment will be nothing of the vivid, imagine, which blocks near The city has not built flood control dike? Rich imagination of Changde, but of something rotten into something wonderful, beautiful poem on the wall above the Fuli, a flood control project will be completed for a cultural project attracted worldwide attention.

Poetry to the wall Yuanjiang River flood control as the carrier with a total length of 6 Wa Lane, "EMI vicissitudes", "Mingxiantiyong", "good Wuling letter", "Lan Zhi Fenghua," "the new voice of China", "Xie Ying five continents," chapter six, carved from election-related since the Qin Dynasty poems and Changde China Poetry of 1267. Using calligraphy in the form of performance poetry, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the National 948 calligraphers To write, really, transportation, posts, seal characters, set in a wall of grass, colorful. In the meantime beautifully carved inlay 43 Chinese and foreign stone wall paintings. Major chapter in the wall and Title, from China's contemporary famous calligrapher Zhao, Shen Peng, Qi Gong, Jia Yan-lung, the Sun Feng, Wang Zhong and Xiao Xian, Zhang Ding, Zang Kejia, Fang Yi, Chen, and other natural title . Cao Yu, Shu and Wu Zuoren had also made "The Merry Wuling", "landscape here is fine" and signed title.
Poetry Wall its rich cultural connotations, positive thinking and exquisite art form to attract the visitors eight points of the compass. Contemporary poetry, painting industry reputation for its "poetry Sanjue painting", "Wataru Scroll to start the art "and" the first Ming Bang "," a Chinese way "; Taiwan, a famous scholar Yu Kuang-chung called" State of the Great Wall Poetry "and" half of literary history. "In September 2000 awarded the Guinness record as "Poetry is the world's longest painting and calligraphy carved wall art." Poetry in the wall next to the beautiful, rich in Changde Jing-Chu culture Xianghu culture blow against our faces.

"EMI changes" reflect the history of Changde situation, the passage of time. Selected poems carved 259. Of these, "Wang good volume so that" the age-old legend, "Chunshen security" of historical records, Li Zicheng "hidden folder Zen Mountain" real research, there is a generation Master Sheng-wen from the writing of "in Changde boats," depicts the scenic spots
"Mingxiantiyong" reflects the ancient and modern Mingxian set foot in Wuling, Changde singing. Selected poems carved 144. Here, Qu Yuan, Tao Yuan-ming, Li Bai, Du Fu, Liu Yuxi, and Changde Tiyong the Jiapian handed down.
" Jia Ling-induced "to reflect the beauty spots of Changde, natural scenery. Selected poems carved 243. Part of the visit, "Chu Tianshu Jimu", "Yuen-xian JING", "Fei Bao bottle pot", "Tokuyama charm," "Adventures pattern", "Lu Huaxi bank," "Eight Xiaoxiang" beautiful It is away.
"Lan Zhi Fenghua" reflect the cultural status of people in Changde, folk customs. Selected poems carved 261. Here, "Yuan Xi Li Youzhi Portland has" been singing full display. Xiang Jun, Xiang Furen legend; Song Yu, Yu Lie of the words and deeds; Lake "Cailing" singing; mountain, "Bamboo" sung; unique Leicha Nuo Dance, as Sixian is a long history, it brought great joy.

"Chinese New Voice" Part of the wall is a poem of the Fifth chapter of the motherland to look to see the rise of the Chinese nation. Selected poems carved 253. "Humenxiaoyan" resistance, "54" flood cry, "Wuchang Uprising" Gunshots, "long march" of victory in the Kai-yan, Hong Kong and the founding ceremony of the event, the return of Macao, a century and a half of the major events, such as the magnificent scenes of a drama in front of us.
"Xie Ying five" Part poetry is the sixth chapter of the wall and facing the world, a taste of world civilization. Election engraved on five continents in 54 The family name famous poem 111. Shakespeare, Goethe, Byron, Hugo, Pushkin brilliant stars, happy style. Poetry is rare in the world renowned papers.
In 2000, Changde Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Government "Poetry Wall, the Bund, the development of Yuanshui echelon", Poetry Bund to move sand and gravel field wall, to dismantle all of the original buildings, well-built wall poetry Park. After 3 years of construction, to form a long Wa Lane 6, with scenery. Ginkgo-sik Park, camphora, willow, banyan and so on a total of more than 130 kinds of trees, planting grass water more than 60,000 square meters, and a variety of attractions during the five hills dotted wonders. Poetry Wall Five hills Court, the Court Chunshen, ranked Court, Court of the four fishermen pavilion stands, is both a flood gate, the ancient city so that more profound cultural, poetry and park the wall appears to be Guxiangguse. Weekdays, visitors flocked to tourism; night and dawn's spit, is that ran here, Changde leisure as people first. Historically, the creation of human civilization is often due to natural disasters or human ignorance of the (political campaign), greed (of war) destroyed. However, the building of human civilization and the forces of destruction is always greater than the forces of civilization. Changde of the people in economic construction, with its rational, and warm Chilean culture at the same time, to create a culture of the Ming Zhen Chinese and foreign works, no wonder, is located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River is no geographical advantage to speak of the city, was a series of "national tourist city" and "National Health City" title from the Poetry on the walls, it is not difficult to interpret why he had such a secret charm.

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