Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ma Kai home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Kai home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon and Phoenix Lake is located in the North Terminal, 2 km from the town, is in the Rock River spent the last several attractions to visit.

Ma Kai home near the mountain lake, mountain tunnels are connected with the five dragon and phoenix Lake Lake, the lush trees in the mountains, the lake level as a mirror, sweet birds in the forest, streams flowing water features. The unbeaten open flowers Gone with the Wind Cai Yi, Kan Buwan beauty of the picturesque, with Juan Yi When you board the rest terminals, Fumian cool breeze blowing, you will Dunxiao fatigue, relaxed and happy. If you do not Xing Yu, you can walk back to town center, along the route to watch this natural gift of nature Huaping. If you would like to rest, able to beat the taste of tea house Tea, can also participate in recreation and entertainment palace, or at stores selling souvenirs to take home.

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