Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jiulongshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiulongshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At the southern tip of scenic spots, as a result of Jiufeng Bingzhi if Kowloon named after take-off. Hill this stretch for more than four years, the main peak of 516.4 meters above sea level, steep mountains, outlined in Changde, Taoyuan, an hub of three counties, under its water in vain. Hill around for the hilly, evergreen broad-leaved forest focus on merging, bamboo, fir most valuable tree species are Music, ginkgo, allspice, sassafras tree, yew, Cephalotaxus, Cephalotaxus China, Hunan Chu Shek, such as Du. Rare animals have souls dog, pangolin, Golden Pheasant, Yu Wen Wan, and other dishes.

Jiulongshan on top, you might see a little perspective, as hundreds of big rise amid surging Haibo Tao, like the dancing Snake, winding down, to give the majestic, the FT-Bang Bo sense. Once the storm when, or raining, the clouds Piaomiao, range upon range of hills in the overlapping peaks between the peaks hidden when the time is now, when the thick sea of clouds when light, the scene of rapid change. And when the fall season, the cream into a very attractive color Akiyama, the red maple leaf density in a letter to embellishment Cliff between the trees, backed in under the blue sky and white clouds, form the colorful Qiujing. If Xuepiao ice, you board the towering Kowloon Peak, a special grace and beauty, all over the mountains, "snow-wrapped" in front to show "Joan Ren thousands of birds," the spectacle.

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