Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Five Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Five Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At the entrance area, was intercepted in 1958 Luo River, Rock Creek spent five streams, such as the construction of medium-sized reservoirs, Lake Five be named. Yu Ji-Lakes area of 23.8 square kilometers, Ma has the upper reaches of the river tunnel and the dragon and phoenix home connectivity Lake, the water storage area of 3900 mu. Reservoir dam 360 meters long, high 36. Meters.

Five Lake, beautiful scenery, Yan Feng scene in the spring and summer season each year, the Water Pik bonus here, Niaofei diving, Lan Ying ups and downs, shade rays. The artificial lake was swallow-shaped lake. Water Curb from the levee embankment to the reservoir depth more than ten years, a number of cross-strait lake of Lake slender fork in-depth land. There are a dozen wonderful island, known as "Wuxi Islands", the island of different shapes, sizes, there are far away from each other almost. The largest turtle covers an area of 20 acres on the island into a high-quality piece of Camellia forest Ran Wei, brown cigar with an oily dark green leaf color, very cute. Spring water level rose early summer evening, a small island in the lake as one finally Lo, Cuoluoyouzhi in order to face this crystal basin, water Chung Ching Lo, Shen if floating, the move may seem quiet, sparkling waves in the ocean, Zhao-xi displayed under the setting sun. Lake view, sooner or later, 4:00 different. Dangzhou Lake, Huguangshanse view and enjoy the special Pinghu mountain scenery.

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