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Nanzenji - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanzenji - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wutai is located 22 km southwest of the county Office of the White Yang Yang Heung Li Jiazhuang Baigou near the small north shore of the Milky Way, 35 km from the town of Dong Ye.

Nanzenji is a temple of the Tang Dynasty, China's existing oldest temples in the Tang Dynasty, a former building. Jianzhong Tang Dezong reconstruction of the temple ten years (the year 782 AD) Have elapsed since the 1200 years of history.

South Block, Temple to the north, on a small scale, covering over 3000 square meters. Temple 60 meters long from north to south and east of the two 51 m wide, am now inside the East and West both houses, temples 6, with the exception of the main building is the largest permitted three original Tang Dynasty, Inside the courtyard, east and west side hall in a palace, that is, on behalf of the Ming Dynasty on behalf of the Dragon Temple and the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy, the Hall of Buddha. East Kuayuan Sengfang all, is the Ming and Qing period of construction.

Tang permitted to build large, Nanzenji Zhudian, look beautiful, handsome shape, simplicity. The three main hall high Daxiong , According to the actual measurements, 11.62 meters wide and 9.9 meters deep into. Fang Zheng's base as a whole accounted for almost half of the courtyard, three hall square, Danyanhuiwa Xieshan Ding, the whole hall from the platform, roof, the roof consists of three parts, Yan Zhu shared 12, no hall ceiling And no post, making Liangjia For the concise and live load of the wall, only every other block. The weight of the roof of the main canopy from Liangjia through the wall of the support pillars. Wall canopies from wind and rain between internal and external defense and attack. Around the column, stigma micro-dumping inside, and constitute a diagonal beams; four corner posts slightly higher, with layers of planes again and again, out of the layers of brackets "Tilt." Even if the beams, columns, Fang combination of more compact, an increase of building a solid, using canopies and deep dark and not low, the whole hall has put close formation, there is suppression Young, beautiful profile, the powerful momentum of style , To give people the feeling of solemn and body-building. Both ends of the roof decorated with owl kiss. The whole structure of the Hall of Jane , Sound body, the solemn generous, reflecting the Tang Dynasty in China's large-scale construction timbers significant characteristics. 782 years on the reconstruction of the main hall (Tangde Zong Jianzhong three years), China's oldest wooden structure in the Tang Dynasty architecture, called David. A hall of the Pacific beam above, the preservation of the ink is not very clear: "In the old name (when Big three Tang Jianzhong ... ... Hall of reconstruction, and so I would like to Chi Fa Xian, "this is the era of Hall of reconstruction support. Projections, 1200 years ago. Mexican titles in mind the two lines of writing is light, seems to be around Scrape by a layer, so there are micro-sleep Department writing since high. It appears that the original title more than that in mind, perhaps later in the repair Have been planing to go.

17 Tang hall plastic Buddha, the original remains are in the Tang Dynasty treasures. There are hall of a Buddhist altar, 8.4 meters long, 6.3 meters wide, 0.7 meters high. Tan Buddha statue in the whole group to Sakyamuni Buddha as the center is a dynamic combination with the State, a lively scene as well as an orderly hierarchy, to play his part, the harmony of the environment. Mid Fozuo, according to four Tsukuang, honorable and dignified, solemn and serene, like preaching in the statement. Monju riding a lion, seated at the bar on both sides of Samantabhadra, with a de-camp and came Gongting Christians. Great disciples Ananda and Kasyapa On both sides of the separation, eye-catching your breath, appears to be devout and Gong Jin, as if the whole Buddha should be recorded in the mind; threat Buddha Shi Dai Ying Luo, about Po Wan, arch, body-building looks, if our ears to hear, the heart seems to think; law King, mighty Robust, while boosting the arrogance of the outside world to observe, listen to the Word on the side. The rest and look to the Boy, pull up , 15-Lin Buddha statue covered with Buddhist altar. These statues, and if natural Attitude moving, realistic look like God, the fullness beautiful, modest exaggeration, Yiwen concise and accurate, smooth and harmonious, a lifelike, with the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in the Tang Dynasty statue of the same, in order to give people a sense of real and dynamic. Terauchi, Xu Mizuo under the Tang Dynasty Carving, stone pagodas and stone lions. These statues, with the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in the Tang Dynasty statue of the same. Buddhist altar pot around the door and stacked on the beam, an exquisite carving patterns, lace and lianpan, Mount Wutai is the preservation of the art of the Tang Dynasty brick masterpiece.

Nanzenji there are three lions and a stone pagoda that are relics of the Tang Dynasty. Lions a 78 cm high and the other two 45 cm high. Shek Kok two parties to 33 cm, on a carving of a lion lying, the other for the second lion-like opposite, are very vivid. The square stone pagoda at the end of 16 cm, 51 cm high, is divided into five levels, with a total 51 cm high, the first layer around the story of the Buddhist Keman Each of the corners of a small tower. The second layer of each sculpture Dover Xiang Yizun middle of the face, on both sides of the upper and lower sub-two Buddha statues carved on each floor 2. Three to five, each side all the Buddha statues carved 3.

In 1949, Nanzenji be more attention and protection. In the early 1950s, the Nanzenji of archaeologists carried out a serious and thorough investigation. From 1974 to 1976, the Government has allocated more than 200,000 yuan, Nanzenji maintenance. In addition, the added protection of facilities, construction of a reception room, flowers planted, so that the ancient temple full of new life. Zhao Deng again in 1978 in Mount Wutai, Nanzenji tour, the For Guang Temple. He "Zayong stage," Yin said: "Second Temple Tang, no treasure in the world. Qianjieheyuan keep as France, next time since losing Chu Xuan, Shen Hui Qing Zhaosu." Now, the ancient temples of the Millennium spring again, attracting many foreign visitors come to view .

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