Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lake leap forward - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lake leap forward - Chinese tourism scenic spots

1958 was a leap forward in the construction of the reservoir, located in the five North-East Lake Town Office, Hong Kong and two in the territory, with five consecutive Lake, live a balanced source of water in the main stream of the West. Yuejin Lake area of 12.5 square kilometers rain-normal capacity of 17,000,000 cubic meters, the water storage area of 4590 mu. Dam in the Gardenia Kong, long 26 Meters, 25 meters height. Department of the dam open lake, Lake in the mountains of the kinds of Sydney, Sydney Cangxi, River coffin pomelo, chestnut, citrus, and so on more than 20 kinds of seasonal fruits, known as the acres of Huaguo Shan, also on the mu-nan Penny. Whenever the late autumn season, mature branches covered with orange, the sun shining, glittering, aromatic onslaught .

Lake leap clear, in good weather to spend the evening, the blue lake water is always blue, sparkling lake as if there is a slight sweet sound. Peacetime, the Castle Peak reflected in the lake water, backed by the blue sky and white clouds, very charming. In the boating lake, as Yang rich in poetic in. Lake leap of the United States, the United States is wild and free the United States. At around the lake, there are many wonderful legends and attractive scenery, as one of the Eclisse Qiannv, she is looking forward to Huiyanshizhu the Warriors, opened the mysterious veil of her head.

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