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Spring - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Spring - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the Eastern Jin Dynasty poet Tao Yuan-ming, "Utopia" had in mind in describing a world very long for the Peach Blossom Spring, according to the research, it is located in the northern part of Hunan's Changde City, Taoyuan County.

  Spring was built in the Jin Dynasty, when Tang and Song to the development of great prosperity to the stage of the Yuan Dynasty when it was destroyed in the war, Ming After the revival began. History, Meng, Li Bai, Han Yu, Su Shi, and other major literary giant have been to stay here and calligraphy. Spring is the development of the area within the Taoxian Ling, Yuen Shan, Peach Blossom Hill, Qin Village, and other attractions, scenic area has reached more than 150 square kilometers, along with scenic Yuanjiang, war Cai Ling city sites, hot springs, and so the city for sightseeing. If you are new to those who are not interested in the pavilions, and at least be able to enjoy the quiet rural scenery, where the scenery is good, the Pro Yuanjiang, on the mountains, Xiuzhu old trees all over the face, "recorded for the Peach Blossom Spring" by Describe the "delicious fragrant grass, colorful luoying The mood could be looking for. In addition, Yuanjiang flow from west to east Dongting Lake, Spring flows through the scenic area close to 70 km, the zone of the Three Gorges both Yuanjiang risk, and the Fuchunjiang show, Taoyuan add a lot more beautiful.

Spring is in the history of ancient Chinese Taoist St. One of the 35th Dong Tian, the 46th of the blessed benefits the United States. For thousands of years, salt-seekers can explore the Peach Blossom Spring, ancient and modern visitors busy brains, Tao Yuan-ming, Meng, Wang Changling, Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Mu, Liu Yuxi, Han Yu, Lu, Su Shi, have left many precious ink. After the liberation of the party and state leaders and more Spring inspection, the concern for the Peach Blossom Spring. March 24, 1995, President Jiang Zemin visited the Peach Blossom Spring and inscriptions.
Since 1990, Spring began large-scale development of the climax of repair. After the restoration of the development of Utopia, Mythology hometown Taoxian Ling, Yuen Taoist holy mountain, Dong Tian Fu Peach Hill, Qin Shangri-la of the four major scenic village of nearly 100 scenic spots. You Yuanhui annual Spring is in Hunan Province, "the two 3" one of the important activities.
Taoxian Ridge area:
Spring arches ranked in the main area at the eastern end of the Peach Blossom Spring. 16.8 meters high, 26.8 meters wide, hollow cross-net 2 meters. Kuanchao with the span, the beautiful carving and forceful momentum, ancient and modern-art color and decorated with ancient architecture in North and South together, as our country is currently the largest Road, across the country, "the first Chinese Square." Is a legend here on earth and adjacent to the Wonderland.
Yuan Ming Yuan Jing, also known as Festival Park, located on the eastern side of the ridge Taoxian, accounting for 10 acres for the Peach Blossom Spring, a hundred in a quiet garden. According to Castle Garden, the clean water Ying, Tao Yuan-ming for the statue and buy the "Spring in mind," Monument screen, bamboo Hui treasures, the Book-of peach. Peach's brilliant concept, the section of Yasukuni pregnant legacy, by indemnity admiration for them.

The cock Xianchi bath pool Department Taniguchi, for the seven-fairy Fan Jian under the shower. You water pool concept, Fresh-ha, Xianji rare. Pine Ridge could see the green splash, Huang You-Di Cui, Cai Ying-heart, left birds disappeared satisfied possession of a pool of different human King.

Liu Yuxi secluded cottage cock Department Taniguchi. There are five cottages, Zhu Shu shade. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi Zhou Sima Long term Often Cottage resident, Yinshizuofu, indoor erect a Shibei Liu Yuxi. Pines behind the house, the smoke; Youhe house next to the blast, God Shuang-ching bone.

Peach more than 60 acres of lake surface like a setting moon. Dangzhou fishing, tours to Bath, hundreds of thousands of heart, a post tsugae, in the pool overflow Verdant color. Legend of the seven year , Lake Cowboy Girl from both rising, all of a sudden wave impact scattered clouds gather Xia received, the two also Yaoruhuanghe.
Qin scenic village:
Area of 2.5 square kilometers. Qin is the village of Shangri-la, the Folk Center. You Wuling Shan Department of deep abdominal and mountains around barrier, called the Pre-Qin Yu unofficial history of the cultural situation Jiangnan's thriving. How much more time hole, several Spring and Autumn earth? Qin isolated village to the ancient, soil, wild, Qi Zhong drum and the face to the world of tourists pour out their hearts to the sound of an ancient history and years of desolation.
Qin is located in the village of St. Paul, commonly known as the entrance to Qincheng, typical for the south of the Yangtze River Garden Square 10 meters high, 11.8 meters wide. Square-hog Chinese Calligraphers Association Vice-Chairman Liu Bingsen couplets written in the book recorded in the "Fisherman's cottage as if fans can not laugh Road, Wan water in the past often interested in full-kai." Inscribed Square, the amount of the former State Minister of Agriculture Liu, one of the "Xanadu" .
Qin Road at the foot of the Western Hills. Biqin to send people out of the orang-Wuling Xanadu another secret track, since the orang-a different source, You're shelter. Following this were Chen Pi-Wuling, while you're exposing the secret, secret-cutting trails, open community of God, so that the Tao Yuan-ming described the Shangri-la to show the world. Qin Road winding kilometers from the ancient St. Paul, the old, old homes, old Cuba and Taiwan, Kwu Tung, Nam rare before the Qin Dynasty architecture. The ancient soil of St. Paul, the ancient Qin homes, ancient cave quiet, Qin set foot on the trail, not in paradise, giving us a sense of isolation.
Qin Jian who burned the tunnel at the end. 153 meters long, curved roof, wall straight down, 2 Visibility, Ma exchanges. Zhongsui spring water inside the cave, do not dry up, taking the wind plume in the north mouth of the provisional steep, winding trail stone stile danger, is expected to be south of Gong Li peaks, lush, ancient natural color Cang.
Taiwan suddenly as a result of Tao in mind, "Lang opened suddenly," named after the sentence. Wai-stage, Qin giant into a brick wall and a half, Duokou a few holes on the wall, visitors to this ancient altar float Zhulangtongyou. Looking up at the altar then put Nuo, the United States and pool overlooking the fertile farmland, land-Ping Kuang, like houses, a Dayton-minded exclusion of the aesthetic.
Habitat Qin Qin Qin home village of a few, are the Qin Dynasty architecture. You window of the ancient wall, Diaolianghuadong, cornices fight angle. Furnishings, rich flavor before the Qin Dynasty. Outdoor furnishings, very pre-Qin Feng . Sang outdoor bamboo garden, the vast ancient Italy. Tourists visit, the owner will be in honor of Lei Cha, but also a taste of the outside world is different from many of life.
Bamboo Gallery as the best in the world can, and a total length of 1168 meters. Gallery with Wen-ting, the structure of delicate, exotic shapes. Dragon hunting too, the extraordinary momentum, the ancient Italian Wild, rain Addressed to do. Gallery Shiciduilian hanging, on both sides of the various types of flowers planted bamboo. List of life can be full of Yan Fu and his party even more vicissitudes of millennium.
Gong Yi Tong-Chuan Dou-shaped corridors for the wood structure of classical architecture. Chuan was built by Qin, many times after the repair. There are Ping hospital, the stage and fish pond. Qin Gong Yi Tong is the procedure. Fan Festival , Weddings, and so on to create a major event in Gongyi to deal with this.

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