Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Silver Tea Panshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Silver Tea Panshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Silver is located in Wuxi Hubei An Panshan, Walled public on the eastern side of God, surrounded on three sides by water, its like a disk, named Silver Panshan. Chung is the side of the ridge, on the eastern side of a Shaolou, beautiful mountains and rivers here, scenic, is open on the middle reaches of the journey.

Panshan Bank board, in the face of the dark green lake, brilliant flowers, the rush down Stephen Wu, flying the convective clouds, you will be the enjoyable time.

Silver tea sets have built in the mountains, catering, recreation, accommodation in one of the quiet community kiosks, known as silver tea Panshan. Pavilion ingenuity unique layout, feature rich landscape of the South, is a scholar writing, scientists study seminar Gas samurai practice, the elderly and leisure convalescence, the ideal place for lovers love.

Local scholar of the Qing Dynasty, Mr Mok Wai-yin, Chan Shi Yishou had left: "Fat since ancient times, silver, tired souls here Sejong security.

Qing water jade belt a few songs, Long Sun Chui Chun-chu bamboo pole.

If the road goes, who To also feel it is not difficult to Long Gang table.

Pro vision Shu free today, do Huaxiangniaoyu Huan Kan. "

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