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Yellow River Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yellow River Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yellow River Three Gorges Project is located in the Ordos Plateau in southeastern hilly areas of cross-strait steep cliffs, peaks between Shi, Jun Qiao tall and straight, changing the river twists and turns, magnificent weather, cutting Fupi scenery dangerous trend of people sigh sigh.

Gap the first city in the river when it gorge slope usually slow, static, such as silk, such as irritable Xiao Lei Jingtao shore, thousands of piled up snow; Zhili steep sides of the strait, such as the giant wall breakdown on both sides of the river may Bailian line, the shuttle calls, rushing out, such as wild rampage, Shu Zhang aroused high water, Zhizhuang Shek Pik, the left-right red sudden, deafening sound of thunder; water broken into the sky, according to a sunny, crystal tick , Shuoshuo dazzling form numerous rainbows, dream; river is also opening and closing of impermanence, it is refreshing. Gap slope to the city for some steamed stuffed bun tower, Qi also dangerous, more rise amid tall and straight. The river valley in between rushing into the process, Taosheng strong shock, sharp velocity, turbulent waves, uninhibited blue suit. In the meantime above the river twists and turns and waves old age literal-minded , In the convex prominent 4 km2 with a sharp knock-Yi, Tao Bo Fan volumes, under the swift current and flow volume Wo Tao Xuan wave, wave as the devil, a river of water, such as boiling water in general, Wen-tao, a few years, the two sides hit the sound. Yellow river suddenly reversed direction, forming half of the island. This enormous gap between the Yellow River, the narrow river on a narrow, the two sides mountain peak , Zhetianbiri, solid lock Shaoguang. Water poured out for a narrow gorge, all of a sudden stretch the body, as if the rest after fierce fighting in general, calm down, such as river water flowing ribbon in the deep quiet Jian, Yun Wei Xia steam, and many of the beautiful and moving folk linger in this area. Laoniu Bay Hill in the left bank of the city, Long An Shu-po, easy-to - Vessels. Roam the ancient city, the ancient love You do not have some fun. Beautiful folk stories stop people, on both sides of the scenery is obsessed with, for the second gorge.
Second row boat Gap, turned white-wave-shaped bend a few paragraphs, the steamed stuffed bun tower From a distance, as if he V general monsters, head high, back Luan rely heavily stacked , Overlooking the mighty river, for a steep turn, to close at a neck, poured water, such as cross-cutting with a sharp knife, and the next line; cross-strait thousands of large wall Ren, Hong Tao Man Juan, Yu Fei avalanche, and the turbulent, the ship straight over; Turn, spin-day Basin, David Tao Liang Bi, the deafening roar; is shock, he could feel the Yibi Li Ya-feng number of water-excited at first, the general Zhouchuanrujian vertical cliff to radio and watch the ship crash, and find small river water flow whirl, Zhou Chuan steep turn, re-mast out table, arrows fired at the lower reaches of the general, Steep river wide, and waves Ping Tao Jing, Convergence and sound of water, then smooth off the ship, but narrowly, out of fear of a cold sweat. To see when a dam lock , Wanjiazhai Water Control Project spectacular cross-strait high-rise modern facilities, Zhetianbiri, the old Walled cross the wall, such as steep-walled edge, two peaks Zhili, tension, and Tao Huang Condensate sound of a sudden, out of Pinghu Gao Xia, Bi Ying rivers and mountains . Reflection on the river back to the Qing, more subdued, smoke water loss. Looking back on steamed stuffed bun tower in the fog like, like monsters, Wei Xia steam, as if in Wonderland. Steamed stuffed bun tower found out that there are soldiers in Ancient Walled Village Choi, Zhai Qiang Zhai Men and intact, no-risk mountain, Hu Ju-long set, the wind above the mountain, surrounded by river. Kuan Jin Road, 23 meters, the narrowest point only to allow the adoption of a donkey cart. Under the cliffs of the Yellow River Zhuang Tao, Ren million straight wall, broken sword Fuzao trend, there is no point Assistance, when one person is related, Wan Kai-Fu Mo. Walled in many huge, almost like his can not be stated, acting difficile. Guzhai stone house with great style, a very mean, the island's food for thought long circulated folk tales, so memorable.
Cross the river after the dam gates, and a yellow cloud of change in the past , Condensate Qingbi green, 100 meters from the outlet of the high-mouth diarrhea, Fei Yu-chu splash, heavy snow piled foam, the vertical section of the Three Gorges go Longkou slump, the two sides, such as cliff Zhi opposition into the steep gorge walls, Shen Jian-feng You make Were stunning. Rapid currents, huge cut-tao, man days lost from water, coastal cliffs above the left and trees and vegetation, wind around the clouds, not a mirage layer stack, the Department Pipa and a half sight of the rise amid the same frame as to start an unlimited panoramic scenery. From the Yellow River valley between crowded out all the way up with setbacks, the waves like snow white, shading the bubble days, the roaring sound of the smell a few years, Gu Ming Shan should be such as a dragon turned down Bo Tao, Baizhe circuitous, Teng volume up and down, As if the gap in the fall of the dragon, In order to give full play to their talent, the fetters of repeated, angry, all the facilities brute force to try to break free of shackles, find Fanjuan waves, Radio Voice of emptying, like a roar of the earth, Savaka Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia. Longkou out, this seems to run out of gas giant dragon, was finally tamed, and running away, but the voice still ringing in breathing, water Rapid, seems to be in awe of the river Jingwo Click here for Tan Yi Tie and arrogant, Niangniang to the beach and Prince Beach to finally close the untamed heart jie, quiet down. At this time, Tang Tang river, with access to every kind of age-old feelings of calm, to go slowly to the lower reaches of Chung. This wide river Qi Bali, elegant stretch, the two sides of a river flat, distant peaks Such as Dai, Xuanbi still dangerous cliffs. Niangniang Beach, Beach Prince Edward in the river to form the heart of the two islands, the island flower fragrance, do storied stained, dog cock, smoke curl upwards. People on the island self-sufficient, Like hundreds of years, since the happy music, as if Shiwaitaoyuan. Into the foot indoor, Kaixuan River area, leisurely river. Niangniang Temple Zhong Drums, steles, inscriptions. It has been contained, the Han emperor Liu Bang death, arbitrary Empress Lu, Liu Heng Wang on behalf of the mother and son out of the capital, in order to avoid the harmful effects of this hidden, Pianju the second corner of the island. Ascended the throne after Liu Heng, Yong-Wen for the two islands was named.

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