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Folder Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Folder Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Folder Shimen Mountain in Hunan Province is located in Seongnam 8 kilometers from the folder National Forest Park and its folder inside the Temple, King Chuang, Bi Yan-chuen, and other attractions, with a total area of 3 square kilometers, is the main human landscape , Melting natural scenery in one well-known scenic spot. In 1993, the Ministry of Forestry has been approved For the National Forest Park; in 1994, the Ministry of Forestry has been identified as 20 of the National Forest Park demonstration garden; in 2002, the China National Tourism Administration has been rated as AAA-level scenic spots. Prior to that, in 1959,1983 folder Temple 2 years has been announced for the Hunan Provincial People's Government of Hunan Province at the provincial level protection unit 1999 was approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government of Hunan Province key sites for religious activities; Chuang Capital Cities in Hunan Province in 1996 was released for the Hunan Provincial People's Government of heritage conservation unit; folder on the Hill in 1998 was named the Tourism Bureau of Hunan Province ' 97 best scenic spots in Hunan Province (point). Folder Lingquan Temple, also known as a Buddhist Temple, built in AD 870 yuan (Tang Xian Tong 11), after cases TANG Yi, Song Emperor, Khan "three-Xiu Royal North Korea." Not until the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, Li Zicheng Shundichuangwang defeat hidden folder Shan Buddhist abbot for 30 years. Temple folder peak, the scale of the event, nine-Hall , After Lvjing Rise and Fall of turmoil and chaos of war several times, is now six to repair a palace hall. Temple folder is the founder of Zen Buddhism preaching of the statement, the Song Dynasty monk Wu-round Keqin the abbot said in the commentary to sing "Yan Bi", the world is known as "the first Chan Men" in China, Japan and Southeast Asian countries affected Far-reaching. Since 1993, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of history, the history of Ming China, Hunan Province, Li destination for the study of the issue three times in the Shihmen colloquium to be held end-result of Li, Shan folder on the collection and analysis of historical relics unearthed in the research, so that Li Bing Feng Yu defeated an assumed name, Zen Hill passed away in folders and on the conclusions of the history revealed. Rest in peace in Sri Lanka to commemorate the leader of the peasant uprising, in 1992, according to the Qing Li Qian Long Island Zhifu phosphorus He is described in the original reconstruction into Capital Cities. Mausoleum covers an area of 30 acres from the memorial, mausoleum, Wei Ling, of St. Paul purpuratus, Shinto, the next floor, the kitchen god, Gallery, such as the composition of the wild pagoda.

  Folder Hill is famous in East Asia Zuting Zen tea. Hill arrived in cattle folder from the Song to Qing Dynasty tea has been listed as a tribute, Bi Yan-chuen, tea is the best of spring water. Hill folder Kaishanzushi good argument can speak Zen Tea, to realize the "Zen tea blindly" true meaning. According to the China Institute of Buddhist tea expert research Hill is a folder, "Zen tea", "tea ceremony" of the original source.

Folder Hill since 1993, opening to the outside world, each year attracts hundreds of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists, and successfully hosted Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Wei Jianxing, Li Tieying, Qian, Liao Hansheng, and other Party and state leaders. Mountain in Hunan Province You folder Hill Development Co., Ltd. took over power after the tour operator, is moving to Hill as soon as possible into a folder at home and abroad well-known brand of cultural tourism and work hard.

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