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Hunan First Capital Cities Chuang Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunan First Capital Cities Chuang Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chuang folder located in the Capital Cities National Center for Forest Park area on the west side of the road Chang Shi Feng Yu monks site of the tomb, and the folder adjacent to the Temple, covers an area of 20,000 m2, according to Qing Dynasty personally Lizhouzhifu He phosphorus folder Hill's visit to survey the original re-recorded Building. Capital Cities into an area of 2 hectares from the tomb of St. Paul Guardian purpuratus, Shinto, the mausoleum, such as the composition of the next floor. Chuang Magnificent mausoleum, with a solemn silence, known as "the first hills of Hunan." Li is a modern building for the imperial tombs, for the most southern of the Royal Garden. Province as a key cultural unit.

  Chuang Capital Cities, a group of ancient and magnificent old buildings, is the self-proclaimed "Chuang Wang," the peasant uprising leader Li Jun General final destination place. Rest in peace in Sri Lanka to commemorate the heroic peasant uprising, Shimen People's Government allocated a huge sum of money, according to the Qing Dynasty, Li Zhi Fu Zhou Lin Ho person folder Hill's visit to the survey described the original appearance of the cemetery Chuang Wang had a reconstruction.

  And Ming Chuang Wang Jian Xian, home Dashun, Peking grams collapse of the Ming dynasty. Yi Over the city, Chongzhen tree constriction; mountains and rivers change, shifting sun-hui, the Department is the first of a hundred Gong, ranking among the I. Ye Zhen-roots and saying, he can only blame Huai is proud deficiency; and the root of Mission Hills, Zhiyuan his home office in Kyoto release. Si even riding a knot of young, the Department of Jinyiyusi expensive places to forget the bitter wind exposure meal, and despise the wolf off the tiger's escape suffering. The map Huan Chen Yuanyuan, Wu Sangui touch-bad result. Wu cited Qingbingruguan thief, Chuang Wang abandoned the capital destroy the enemy, wind and thunder at this time is becoming tight, dark world of deep now! Chuang Wang ah, you sigh Huai's Angels, the situation such as the brittle vegetation; you wear-and-destroy stubborn Kou, such as Chi-kin of the stone. Italy is no alternative floating Huan-chi, good God is just hard! Although section JT, haze-drive Japanese bath; Although thunder with horses, guns into Jianxue. Lament the great cause of minors, died young; three feeling much soul, a high and mighty mound of Mindanao. Jiangshan overnight, the dream of natural rotation; a thousand good feel as empty. Landslides down trees, the wind out candle, a life and death day and night, a different course of events. No fortune, the only person himself, with the heart throughout , That is, wild fancy of Health, the butterflies fly from Slough, trouble brewing before the incident. Gold Floor universe to the wind, the steel frame buried Yinghun sleep.


  Xiren made Chuangwangqijia Enteignis, Buddhist convert the sea, a wide range, and finally into a wrong statement. Chuang Wang is charged forward, see the enemy's gun-cast; hit-out plate of fish, every one of begging . Nine-palace for the dead are evidence of history, is lodged in accordance with the Shihmen nonsense.

  Kennedy generation has been contained to 350 people! Chuang Wang ah, do you also remember to bring warm light of the Huan Qiu, it has also made a re-jung suffered a cold? Si Jun feel like water, from Capital Cities see Bei Feng. Sun-wall joint, as serene spirit; a total of stars-hui. Yao Wang Ping. Jian Qi Hong, such as, split off evil strange, 000-Hui Wei-hwan, the success or failure of Zhao Ming.

  Qing Zhong Wei concept further, to around Cui Bo Qingsong; pavilion-chu-chu, Zhu Bi Shu-Cheng Hung Kai. Jian-Ying Qi Tao Feng, Sun Xin Zhao Gang, flying alone Qingqiu distraction, Cang Long sea burial. Ling Tomb wide wide, hard-sheng its steel frame; high monument words, difficult to set out Wei-ying. Soul of a saying by a long-kai crane habitat, and reactive and Pu Chung-mao, hard into the hands of a eulogy, send e-Zhu Xiang three heart!

  Ling before the plaque hanging - Capital Cities Chuang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences of the original 1995 Ming Liu, president of the history of his weight on the inscription. The entire cemetery covers an area more than 30 By Wei-ling, of St. Paul purpuratus, Shinto, the mausoleum, the next floor, the kitchen god, Bei Lang, Li Memorial Hall tower, and other components of wild brush. Capital Cities into the magnificent scale, is entirely court-architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynasties, known as "the first hills of Hunan."

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