Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Walnut groove - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Walnut groove - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xianchi located in the Jiulong Mountain Scenic Spot, a long trench Qi Bali, is a ditch full of wild walnut trees, so that groove walnut. Walnut ditch beautiful scenery, Tsui Chuk Song Qing, trails far delicate fragrance, gurgling streams, the birds show sticks. Not far away into the ditch, falls from a high of more than 10 meters down a cliff on Zhixie, scattered water, the sun shining, now Seven-color rainbow. Ditch the source of the Shek Pik there is a towering mountain, there is a long Qian Yumi, such as Wolong entrenched, magnificent, said White wall. It is said that in the sun after the Spring River, White walls are shining silver, mysterious, thought-provoking.

This is about the history of Walnut groove, there is still a US - The Legend: Monkey scene when the sky in the Pan Taoyuan steal the Avenue of the Queen Mother, that taste good, a few days, in order to Jiechan, King went to Pan Taoyuan, was missing mature Avenue, the wonder is, Only one out of a fairy from the Pan Taoyuan, raised hands in one basket, like the peach basket filled with Bone (nuclear) things like. King snapped: "Xian-e and live, apparently managed to load your basket of fruit, what? How can anyone try to Sun?" Younger said: "This is nuts, you can eat, but should shell ... ..." King impatient, Younger range finish, grabbed a basket, grabbed her mouth to send Jiuwang walnut, but this walnut Very hard, eating saint fixed, he ate one, lose one, a bite, a lost Who knows these walnut has fallen to Jiulongshan, which today has become a long ditch full of walnut trees.

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