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Dragon King Tung - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon King Tung - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon King holes at Shimen Hunan, the Dragon King holes, water hole, the hole has holes, holes on the stack hole, hole loop around the water, clouds attractions, unique landscape, King is a step by step, Cangzhen everywhere, the ten-song, Ten maze, Yu Zhuo ten, ten color. The hole before Lake, a hole he is unique. Boating visitors Jin, the hole gradually Fancyworld Isshiki water Isshiki of nirvana.
Stalactite wall of the dome projection surface, the water and exquisite crystal stones of an integral whole, the color of the light shining, wonderful markedly effective, Huangruo people into the Dragon King's palace in Wonderland. Boating hole 400 meters Xu, homes boat landing, but see stalactite thousand odd Strange, Dong Ding hung upside down, scattered stalagmite pillars: "Chaolong Hall," "Jade Pool," "Ganoderma lucidum bacteria Bao", "Dragon King throne," and so on a number of fifty landscape, modern people dizzying. Even take up water over their heads, such as Qin, such as springs at the foot of the father, Dongnuanxialiang, Xing Yu is more concentrated, away. Dragon King Shimen hole in the northwest city of 28 public Office 1829 is the provincial trunk side. Dragon King 8 km away from the hole there is the river of hot water spa centers. Dragon King from the hole to 5 km north-west into the city of Zhangjiajie in the territory, without Cili county, 80 km to Suoxi Yu.
  Dragon King before the hole is a flat as a mirror of the salivary Long Lake. Paddle 340 meters down the hole, not Can enjoy the water of Dong Tian You Qu, also along the way for viewing the video-pool, Hibiscus House, rock trunk, and as three feet underwater, such as Penglai wonderful scenery, the atmosphere is dangerous, mind happy.
  Most of the cave landscape appears to be wet, water Ling Ling, Sang Sang tender, and some white as snow king, and some, such as yellow gold, if some of the new Yan And there is Yin gurgling river, springs gurgle, BUZZ trickle, and pleasure can be said to Mao, land and water blend to form a fresh hole mellow harmony of heaven and earth, with a charming youth of the United States.

  Dong Fu Jing in a step by step, Cangzhen everywhere. Has been open only to the 1.5 km section has been found in large and small spots near 10, and various distribution sites, and some magnificent, some exquisite visible, or was staggered phase, such as the Temple Chaolong, hippopotamus rock, Temple Peak, Yu Huangding, lock Longtan, Nie Long Gap, Huaiyin cents tree , Dragon Bao care, the Jade Pool-sen, a maze, Zuixian Taiwan, such as landscape, like all look very much like, Xingshenjianbei, people Then too busy, so beautiful.

Dragon King said there is a hole "cave painting, on the ground floor gallery," fairyland on earth can be.
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