Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hill Chajiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill Chajiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changde City, located 68 km south-west, the Department of Xuefeng Yu Mo Shan. On the south is, the West is at the northern foot of Taoyuan, north-eastern foot of the case against Jiang Ding Pingxiang City, as a result of the three-county corner of the play, named Chajiao Hill. Chajiao Shanqingshuixiu Hill, the beautiful scenery. Main peak of 716 meters above sea level, terrain Xian Yao, Feng Jun Qiao Love, known as the "South million Yuan Fa Shan pulse Zu, "" Changde County ranks first in the mountains. "Chajiao at the top not only enjoy the beauty of the mountains, but also overlooking the lake flash, the meandering stream, the scattered villages in China and the criss-cross paths.

Chajiao Hill not only has beautiful scenery, and cultural Tim King on flowers, there is the temple of yore Peak Chajiao Hall, a three-Xiu counties combined Large-scale, 48 stone hall, near the three-county jurisdiction Temple 48, although this temple destroyed, Gu Zhi still more "immeasurable merit" and the "three counties combined repair", "Public Wuling repair" three stone residue. Shannan there own wells, sweet spring water, Qinrenxinpi.

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