Tuesday, November 11, 2008

God Walled public - Chinese tourism scenic spots

God Walled public - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Five east along Lake dam, there's a cottage surrounded by bamboos, that is, God Walled public, was originally called Walled oxen and horses. Legend for a long time ago, a horse a cow in the mountains as Wang Jian Zhai, Zhaiwai into practice a fine large tortoise, against Zhaizhu as oxen and horses, they stir up trouble and seize the throne of Zhaizhu. Driven to despair two oxen and horses Wang, the only King of magic to help cattle, cattle king clouds In addition to the magic, martial art display, the turtle will start gently, into the lake, a rock formation, called the "turtle rock." Wang thanked the two oxen and horses for the use of cattle king magic martial art of rescue Tu, who will be re-Walled Walled martial art, also known as the gods posterity public stockade.

God Walled Yishanbangshui, Xiuzhu mountain is covered with verdant want to drop. Here varieties of bamboo, bamboo In addition, there are Rohan bamboo, bamboo is, Fengwei Zhu, in particular, for there to watch the Chimonobambusa Abduction and bamboo, Chimonobambusa small branches, appeared to be round and feels Is the side. Abduction is a bamboo bamboo twists and turns, it is for the wonders of bamboo. God Walled public also has a viewing pavilion, pavilion lovers, with house beat, the foot of the hill there Diaoyutai, in the Lake Yacht.

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