Tuesday, November 11, 2008

City penholder - Chinese tourism scenic spots

City penholder - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the city of Changde Wuling Road, the starting point of the magnificent stands next to the Pavilion Wuling penholder battlements of the wall, stands firmly in the Yuanshui shore, and Wuling Court add radiance to each other, forming a beautiful landscape.
  Penholder city named after its like a penholder, side by side from the battlements of the five triangle pose, among the highest Yi Duo, 3.75 m, slightly lower on both sides, 2.75 meters, and then again on both sides of the low, 2.35 meters. Wall thickness of 0.37 meters, 9.06 meters to the bottom of the chief, are brick masonry.

  Penholder for writing Chinese calligraphy when I sign off the stationery, and more for the study of ancient people ??. Penholder city is under the Sino-British elementary education has always been for the Song and Yuan learning Confucian Temple is located. Confucianism is a government where the ancient teaching Kongmengzhidao, penholder city government's support for Confucianism decorative building in order to encourage students to study ground ink, five study by the Four Books. City penholder has repeatedly repair, the history of the seven available. With clearance "Wuling County," set: "Chongzhen 11 (1638), Yi Ren Zou Qing Yang Sichang repair plus three years for completion, the new demolition of the old Yi, Zhuang extremely solid."

  In 1980, Changde Municipal People's Government also supports the whole of the old as new. City board of visitors penholder Jimu view, the rolling pin from the Yuanshui Flow, the vast panoramic view of Green Village, became the public good recreational place.

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