Sunday, November 30, 2008

Arrow Church St. - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fa Tang is on the left side of the San Tong Jian (that is, the abbot room), front millennium there are three Tieshu for visitors to watch. Tieshu Yongquan Temple to become the "three-iron," one of which is due to a "mid-flowering," the spectacle. This is about three Tieshu two large female tree in particular, the legend of the Five Dynasties Wang Zhi-trial and the State Division of God Hand-Flocked Yan. In the middle of a 1972 Xi Chansi transplant hung from the tree. Tieshu rare flower field, Gushan Tieshu no other flower. This is only three minutes Aura alone, Suisui flowering. Rongqiu such Huanghua female tree, the tree-hung flower-like towers down. Arrow St. Church since ancient times as many living abbot, also known as the abbot room. Baishou halls to display a screen, "Shou" Zhuanshu more than 100. There are pillars halls late Ming and early Qing Yong feel abbot of the Zen master couplets written: "The long break Phi proud cassock Mountain, Xiaokanyunshu cloud volume, read only a few years Xiao Zhu, know that flowers bloom."

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