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Gushan Yongquan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Home Min brake Yongquan Temple tops, built on the mountain 455 meters above sea level, Xiang Lufeng face, Yun-Feng Bai pillow back. Legend has it that because there in front of Rohan Quanyong named after the ground. Legend has it that Yongquan Temple is located in Sham Shui Po was originally a Longtan, Duron occupied, often by people against. Tang Jianzhong 2004 (783), Zhou Pei Prefecture please Qiao Zen master mountain to the core by Kegon Xiang, and built a small side of the Longtan Temple, known as the Taiwan Kegon soon abandoned. Hou Liang Ping 2002 to the Five Dynasties (908), Wang Min Wang Zhi-trial projects and fill Jiansi Tam, and Min Hou Xuefeng Temple to invite God to Master Yan Yongquan Temple abbot, named the "National Teachers Hall." Song Xianping II (999 years) to grant the amount of "Bai Yunfeng Yongquan Temple," Wing-lok next five years (1407) Ciming "Yongquan Temple," Qing Emperor Kangxi 1949 (1699) of Emperor Kangxi Emperor Qin Yu sum awarded "Yongquan Temple, "Illuminated horizontal inscribed board. Yongquan Temple in next six years, Wing-lok (1408) and Gar 21 (1542) twice destroyed in the fire, Chong 2007 (1634) reconstruction, and several times to the Qing Dynasty built after 1983 has been rebuilt and now the Yongquan Temple is basically to keep the next Qing dynasties of the architectural style and layout. The whole Buddhist temple there are 25 large and small halls, King Hall, Daxiong Hall, the three Hall of Fa Tang as the main body, according to the layers of mountains rising to provide a complete ancient architectural groups. Yongquan on both sides of the front two qianfoensis Tao tower is five years Yuanfeng the Northern Song Dynasty (1082) of the firing, on the left side of a "solemn robbery qianfoensis Tao Tower", on the right side of a "tower Xianjie qianfoensis Tao" , Double Stratified clay is fired from overlapping tired, nine 1.80, about 7 meters high. Font detail for the tower on behalf of the timbers architectural style pavilion, two towers on the 1038 plastic Buddha statues, and therefore called pagoda qianfoensis, the octagonal tower plastic canopies have another monk all 36 generals, earthenware hanging bell tower 72. Tazuo lianpan on plastic, dance , The dwarf, and engraved with inscriptions, records of time to build towers and the names of craftsmen and so on. The original Twin Towers, located in Fuzhou City Long Rui Shing Temple, in 1972 when it moved to the front springs. This clay used to burn the pagoda is a large-scale rarely seen in the country, a high historical value, are valuable Heritage and was listed as a provincial heritage conservation unit. King Hall, a smiling middle of the Dadu Maitreya dressed in Chinese equipment, which is based on the Five Dynasties period of Fenghua in Zhejiang Province known as a "mutual covenant of this," monk's bag for the shape of the prototype, according to legend he is the incarnation of Maitreya, so Maitreya Buddha is also called bag. Qing Fu Ancha Shi Ting Zhen Wang wrote a couplet, the Alliance is a "daily air bag to carry less money, rice, but left a wide-intestinal Tatu, I do not know Tan public confidence in the shade of trees, what-dependent?" Xia Lian is a "mid - Cold Mountain ride door, followed by Zhang Li to be a total joy to see him, I would like to ask Toutuo proud of this, what reason? "Popular humorous, but Food for thought. HS hall is four kings, they are said to the Buddhist temple within eastern, western, southern four-day defender. Four kings symbol of the synthetic duty to "weather conditions, Cathay Pacific people? Quot;. Maitreya Buddha in the back of a standing Buddha Wei Tuo, who is god law. It is said that She Lizi owners were away when the devil is he's going to recover. His running wind, very rapidly, also known as the god of good go to well-known for chivalrous, and faithfully guard the safety of the temple. King Hall behind. A large courtyard, engraved above the courtyard of the "Shek Kwu Mountain," words, this is Lee County in Fuzhou????? The title. The central courtyard pool, the introduction of spring, the clear bottom, Ikegami Wozhuo the small bridge, the volume of stone bridge, in the dry-hing, the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty (1022) structure. Liang Jiao Li a courtyard with a pair of round steel bars made of iron, rod tip high in excess of the monastery, to be held whenever a major Buddhist temple activities, use it to hang Buddhist hanging scroll Buddhist pennant and the like, at the same time it plays the role of lightning is Mawei shipping Council in 1927 to donate the building. 10 minutes on both sides of the courtyard for the Drum Tower, built in the floor of the two six-Chong (1633), in 1936 and reconstruction, there is a clock tower to preserve 35 years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1696) cast the clock to re - 2 tons, with copper-based, melt into a small amount of gold, silver, iron, aluminum alloy into the casting, casting the surface of a 10-minute Fohao and "King Kong by the Prajna Paramita" The full text of a total of 6,000 Chinese characters, "King Kong Wisdom 10 minutes. " Floor next to the pillars couplet: "Xiao Bai into the collision sent Chaosheng Diego; billion Heng Fan Bai sleep with the sun." Drum Tower on A drum, up to 1.8 meters in diameter, the drum is a two-Zhang cattle from the Piedmont. Temple of the rules is "Zhong drum" and ring the bell in the morning, beat the evening. To be held whenever a major Buddhist activities, in order to drum for it, ring the bell to beat to show a grand. Taichang Church is dedicated to the Yongquan Temple Kaishanzushi -- Master Yan God. Patriarch Palace houses the memorial tablets of Buddha Da Mozu division. Damo Zu is a division of the Southern and Northern Dynasties when the Tianzhu Seng, a famous Indian Buddhist monk, the first Yuanshezhongyang to teach our founder of Zen Buddhism. Main Hall, which is Yongquan Temple of the three main core of the Middle Temple Hall. Inside the main sanctuary is dedicated to Caramel Muni Buddha III, which Zuofo 3 gold as the first year of Tianqi (1621), Fuzhou, according to folk artists of the Zen Buddhist master image of the Buddha sculpture, respectively, said pipe past, present and future, that is, possession III Italy's reincarnation. Sakyamuni Buddha in the Buddha is standing on both sides of the respective owners of the only son of Lord Buddha and the Venerable Kassapa Ananda cousin. Main Hall is not only an important Buddhist temple to hold the activities of the place, is used to chant for the day-to-day lessons. Buddha hall before the legislature on both sides of the copper with a pair of boy, wearing a red Dudou, an air of life, all smiles, innocent and lively, eye-catching, they are the people in Fuzhou The embodiment of good fortune, is the Fuzhou in 1935 by a cast of craftsmen. Ocean's 18 on both sides of the hall of the statue is a four-year-ching Junji (1647) of the sculpture. It is said that when Buddhism in China, only 16 Rohan, the Song Dynasty, the Chinese Buddhist community in order to enrich their idol worship, it will be States widely famous Xiang, Fu-hu 2 included in the Ocean, has become Ocean's 18 now. They are all great disciple of the Buddha, his status after the Buddha. Ocean's 18's here to shape a lively style, has its own characteristics different expression of high artistic value. Sakyamuni Buddha III back For the Western Paradise of the legislation as Sam. This is the year of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty adopted at the time of the most advanced wax casting process of cast Tiefo every respect about 1,000 kg, gold paste on the surface membrane. This Tiefo 3: on the left side of the Buddha is in the middle is Jieyin Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha on the right side is the Da Shizhi. Mi Jie Yin Buddha Amitabha is the day of the South. "Sam Li as" a former altar, Gushan is the "temple town of Sambo," one of the chicken by wood (also known as iron wood) made. According to records, is the altar of Emperor Kangxi years, Ping Wu (1666) overseas Chinese students to donate. Heat wave of see-it, that is, water Shen, Yin case Chao, clear case of stem gradually become a barometer of the temple. Qiu also rode in on both sides of the Green cents in the first lion of gross Manjusri Lok Sin-ling and riding a white elephant of Samantabhadra. Fa Tang is Yongquan Temple of the three main hall of Houdian. Preaching is the temple, initiated by the Chuan, the law of the Correctional Services Act, also held in major monasteries of the law will be By. Fatang the middle of an existing wood-nan Zhu Ming Dynasty shrine, dedicated to Kannei a white marble brought from Myanmar Senju Songzi Guanyin Buddha, the Guanyin Buddha statue as unique. Guanyin Buddha, as both sides of the plastic there were 12 heavens with both sides together for 24 with the heavens, the earth, they are no less, no No matter the. Garan Garan Hall houses the memorial tablets of Buddha and Guan Yu, Guan Yu is the patron saint of the monastery, the Hall of Garan also known as the Church of land. Guan Yu is a lot of Buddhist gods will be the only Chinese nationals will of God, Buddhist, said Guan Yu and will become a Buddha. In the former abbot of the room in the courtyard there are planting Tieshu 3, in particular about two large, is Tree, which according to legend as a Kaishanzushi Yongquan Temple of God planted by Yan; outside the Five Dynasties Min Wang Wang is a trial to know the plant, has been more than a thousand years of history. In the middle for a tree-hung, so far there are hundreds of years of history, was in 1972 from Fuzhou to transfer Xi Chansi. In recent years, these three Tieshu bloom year after year. Huang Great fruit Rongqiu such, be regarded as wonders. Hong Ji Temple Yongquan the kitchen there are 4 huge cast iron pot together, and a maximum diameter of 167 cm, 80 cm deep, the capacity of 1 ton of water, one can cook 250 kg of rice for human consumption in 1000. There are several pre-order for washing large Shihcao, 950 years ago, is cutting system Objects. Temple Hall of the Tripitaka, there are various types of printed version of the ancient Buddhist scriptures 9000, including more than 27,900 books; more than 200 books by writing books; blood to write "multi-Paramita Mahayana Wisdom" 657. One eye-catching is the abbot of the 17th century Gushan Road monk Pei book, "Guangfo generous Kegon Sutra To compile ", a total of 120 volumes, packing 48, 2425 printing. This is the Qing Emperor Kangxi years, a representative of the Buddhist writings. Yongquan Temple, starting from the Song Dynasty carved by India through; Qing Emperor Kangxi, the country became a book published by an important place. So far, to preserve ancient Buddhist temple was also engraved 11,375, can be called a The Buddhist treasure trove. Canon Hall is a middle Nyorai The Story of the Buddha tooth relic of Hope pagoda, in only three towers She Lizi with the tooth relic. She Lizi Buddhist monk is fine, gas, God-binding, and leave behind the cremation of the left, LED. On the back of the tower placed a white marble Myanmar sent as Wofo, Foshen symmetry, body Details for sleep-like, it is said that when the Buddha passed away in the form. Yongquan Temple on the south side are back to the Dragon Pavilion, Taiwan Ocean, Foge, and so on, back to Long before the Court of the Northern Song Dynasty Shaoxing is Fangsheng Chi-year period (1131 ~ 1161) to open up, Yuan and Ming dynasties re-open repair, 27 years Qing Emperor Qianlong ( 1762) block Shilan shore. Fangsheng Chi is a stock with only 100 turtles and red carp, turtles are the largest on the Millennium age of the turtle. Fangsheng Chi also has a plastic dripping tall Goddess of Mercy, like stone carving, Guanyin Holy water bottles may be out of the hands of holy water. After the Court of "blue flowers" and "blue flowers" 3 board bearing the word is written in 1961 by Zhu De.

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