Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dahongpao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuyi Yancha very famous poet of the Song Dynasty Fan Zhongyan writing on the praise: "Since the mid-spring to the southeast, to build micro-open the river to warm water. Qi Ming stream the world crown, Wuyi ancient fairy planted." To the Yuan Dynasty, Royal Tea Garden has been here, Duzao special tribute tea. Dahongpao Yancha Wuyi is the champion, grew up in Mount Wuyi Department of Kowloon in the nest, only three are extremely valuable. Kowloon is a nest of the canyon clear spring flow, Dahongpao growth areas over 600 meters above sea level, streams Fei Liu, wind around the clouds, where the soil is acidic rock by weathering, so it is suitable for growing tea. Dahongpao crane is a legend from the island of Penglai out Diao The seeds fall on the Mountain, this place is on long into the cliff. According to another legend, the day before yesterday from heart Temple monks have used this Several tea on the production of tea to cure a disease of the emperor, the emperor will wear the number one name in Hong Pao tea on the table with gratitude, so will Hong Pao A red tea. There Shanbi "Dahongpao" Red Chinese characters. Dahongpao dense branches and leaves shoot up to extend diagonally, is wide oval leaves, down to the cutting-edge, the edge is inside Fanjuan, glossy dark green leaf color, if the new leaves are purple belt. Early spring germination of tea every year, looking from a distance, Shu Zheng Ke Sihuo red, as if dressed in red Gown. Dahongpao more than the old millennium, Kowloon nest on the cliffs only 4, the chimney in the spring water seeping nourish them, so they do not have to fertilization lush growth. The annual May 13-15, will be in service of the local fire ladders to pick tea on Dahongpao, very little production, only a few of the two, depending on Rare treasures. ?? ?? Shuilian Dong, Dahongpao scenic Tickets: 22 yuan, 1 yuan would be required to purchase insurance.

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