Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chishan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuzhou Chishan Forest Park, located on the territory of Minhou South Island, covering an area of 3587 hectares. From the City Center, only 25 km, and close to 316 National Road, convenient traffic. Park peak hours, Fu Chu Kang Ling, Chishan, Wufeng, Longquan five scenic spots 59. Qian Feng Jing Xiu parks, towering old trees, birds Animal, the rich people's grass, the Castle of the clean water, rock falls, the ubiquitous interest, the unique charm. Here mild climate, abundant rainfall, diverse plant and animal species, plant protection at the national level Alsophila spinulosa, Taxus, Wang Pai-ling, the Japanese cedar, tree husband and wife; there are full of color myth of the "liger Hill" and "big rock Top ", Pinghu peculiar mountains, "Tianchi Lake," "Pool Lake"; there is the rare black bears, clouded leopards, there are a variety of beautiful birds. There Ladder, Zhu Lian, and so on Hyphalosaurus drop meters base of the falls, there is the pile of Qu Jian Tan, Yongquan streams.

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