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Third Place 7th Lane - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuzhou has preserved a considerable number of years since the Tang and Song has been formed on the Square Lane, historical and cultural city has become one of the important symbols.

"Three Square, 7th Lane," "Three Square", refers to Jin Yi Square, the Square and Confucianism Guanglu Square. Place three are located on the west side of South Back Street, on the eastern side of the street and "7th Lane," the same.

  Jin Yi Square, the old name-wave Lane. Sun and Song Dynasty years (1119-1125 years) Lu Yun, land and algae brothers live here, the two brothers send their talent Wang, who re-1:00. Lu Yun-office officials know the state of Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Lu Ren algae known state officials, the two back to life when the Square "Jin Di Square." Southern Song Chun Xi Between (1174-1189), Wang Dong Tixing any kind, to live here after retirement, will be renamed Di Jin Jin Yi, Yi Jin returned home to show their meaning.

  Wen Ru Square, the old name Sanin Lane, at the beginning of Rulin Square to the Song Ji Jiu Cheng Mu in this, read the text of Confucianism Square. Village Square because Cheng Mu, has also lived in Jiumentidu, Taiwan Zong Bing David Gan, Kangwo's seven provinces as little as Zhang Qing Emperor Guang Xu Chen Baochen teacher, the father of Chen Cheng-Qiu, "Annals of Fujian," editor-in-chief Chen Yan-ru, etc. Lin famous, so that a truly Rulin Square.

  Guanglu Square, the first year of the Northern Song Xi-ning 1068) Guanglu to the doctor to know the identity of any state of the Fuzhou-Shih-meng, often to the law's Temple Square tour, see a large rock pool there, they board the poetry stone, it is known as the "Yin Guanglu Taiwan," and this Square, renamed Guanglu also Square. Cheng Yin Shih-meng title of "Yin Guanglu Taiwan," the four surviving Zhuanzi this stone.

"Three Square, 7th Lane," in the 7th Lane are located on the eastern side of South Back Street, north to south were Yangqiao Lane, Langguan Lane, Tower Lane, Lane Huang, Min Lane, Temple Lane, Kat Bailey Lane.

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