Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wangshenzhimu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Zhi-trial tomb, located on the northern outskirts of the new fighting Dianxiang Village. Wang Zhi-trial (862 to 925), Five Dynasties, when the country was founded Min, a significant achievement, as Kai-Min Wang. Later Tang Dynasty with three single-ray. The original burial Fung Chi Shan, Changxing Qianzang three years of fighting south of Lotus Peak Hill Top, in the face of the Five Tigers, along the Min River, the flag out of the drum, the great momentum. Tomb South, with the external growth to be Shek Wai shape, covers an area of 2599 square meters. Cemetery within the original palace, Beiting, of St. Paul, as well as Lotus, Wing Hing House of Representatives (Temple), the death of Fujian, were spent. Xuande next four years will again don the military excavation. Wanli next 30 years, repair, Li Mu Ding, "Tang Min Zhong Yi King" stone tombstone 3 layers Mausoleum is a Shitai, be surrounded by stone-made, between Taiwan and Taiwan laying stone 5. Taiwan has two positive side-by-side of the stone, was a positive rectangular, semi-circular for the back-end gradually reduced. Two former pier platform paved with brick. Mudao middle of a tomb, 2 meters wide, on both sides of the stone statue of the Man Mo Shi Li 4, 6 Shishou, In the unique structure of the tomb, unique.

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