Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hai Tan scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Attractions keyword: national key scenic spots located in Hai Tan Pingtan County, Fujian Province, China. Pingtan is known as "thousands of reef island county," said the 126 islands, 702 rocks, with a total area of 309 square kilometers of land. Hai Tan main island of about 267 square kilometers, a lucky star The first Big Island, the fifth largest island nation. As a result of a brief in the Taiwan Strait hub of Hsinchu, Taiwan with only 68 sea miles away from Hong Kong, the mainland from Taiwan recently, China's coastal areas and territorial seas southeast of Taiwan economic, trade and cultural exchanges constitute an important window. Hai Tan scenic spots in the quality of coastal beaches and exotic sea and the landscape , The landscape is considered by experts as the sea museum. Area with a total area of 49 square km, divided into two and a half Shifan ocean, the sea god altar, fairyland in the East China Sea, Shi Nan Zhai, Junshan, the six major scenic resort of General Hill and South Bay Tan, Shan Qi, and other two Australian beach resort. Pictographic in the region thousands of rocks, steep cliffs magnificent reef, Bin boundless fell on the beach. In 1994, the State Council have been identified as key national scenic spots.

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