Sunday, November 30, 2008

Zhu Chi Square block - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the downtown area of South Back Street, Aetna in the river, the hills at the foot of a hill, this area of 15.84 hectares of the region is left over from an ancient neighborhood, a total of three 7th Lane Square, where the value is still maintained Old, many ordinary people living here. The district was formed in the Tang and Song Dynasties, it was Rongcheng scene examination, "it reads:" Fu-chu Tang, Luo Guan Seongnam, densely embroidered wrong, Zhou Ji Yun Pai, the two sides Jiu Shi Song of the floor, the pipe from the LIU Yin Xiao Rong leaves out. "Shows at the time of prosperity. When the construction of the Song Dynasty city walls here, the blocks into the city was in the bag. The pattern of blocks of space, a Lane Street, rippling water, Gurong Cang , Lane staggered Square, the old old, gable curve, the door cover Paidu, very local characteristics. Zhu Chi Square block in the history of the Academy is a proliferation of students gathered, to the late Qing Dynasty, three blocks have been Confucius Temple, two Xian Ya, a School of Government Department to form a "road every ten passenger the Kowloon-Qing Jin (scholars)" status The block in the Square, Lane's name is quite a refined style, they are: Guanglu Square, the Confucian Square, Square, Jin Yi, Huang Lane, Kat Bailey Lane, Langguan Lane, Min Lane, Lane Palace, the Tower Lane, Yang Lane Bridge.

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