Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fuzhou Ping Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ping Shan in the urban area at the north end, the Ping Shan increase, protect Zhou Cheng, which got its name. 62 meters above sea level, covering an area of 50 hectares. Hirayama, also known as, the kind commonly known as Hill House. According to historical records set: Han Min Yue Wang without foot of the former building in various "ye city," it is also known as "the Hill" and "Yue Shan." So far the city of Ping Shan road along the foot of China, left behind Wang period of many monuments, although the era vicissitudes of life, seem to still be found. Yi Ming Shan to the north of the "Dragon Hill waist." Hou Liang Ping, 2002 (908), Wang Min Wang Zhi-trial construction of the North and the South "City folder," Wai Ping Shan southern section of people in the city. Wu Ming-hong 2004 (1371), with emphasis on building Ma WANG Gong Fu Fuzhou, the kind made in Mountain House, Fourth floor, a model for urban construction. Later renamed the Zhenhai Lou, Denglou bird's-eye view in a way I Minjiang five Hushan, Wushan and Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Zhenhai Lou famous Yuexiu Hill. Republic of China, destroyed in the fire. 1945 Lin Kai-shek Memorial Hall into a "cultural revolution" during the demolition waste. Hill south of the rule is the mountain, there is rule of the European pool, the provincial governor Tang Pei-dimensional Shannan open court, was expected to Jingshan, the concept of Hai Ting, 29 Yuquan pool, and other sites. Shan Xi Lu called Mamupu. A pond south of Yin Ma Yue, Shi Qin, Well Cinchona. There hill ring-ting-feng, Liu Juexue, booths will win, Crest kiosks. In ancient times the foothills of peach seed, early spring whenever the February, I looked like Jin. Jinjiefeipi, the only moss , Hua Linsi hall. The Republic of China, warlordism, the destruction of the mountain again, Ping Shan has become a shortage of the slope. After 1950, there have been several major repairs in the mountains green, as a whole after the age of 80 have been luxuriant Ping Shan, south of the mountain is the seat of the provincial government. The original floor of a hill, stands the Peak, "Zhenhai Lou" Min River is expected to see the vast river mouth, but unfortunately destroyed by fire. Seven front of a tank, cut and polish stone from, such as the Big Dipper arrangement, reported in the water tank, do not dry up over the years. Ye mountains around the mountain, Europe Ye Shan, Hua Linsi hall landscape, and so on. One Song Hua Linsi hall was founded in 2002 Conduit (964 AD), China's Jiang The oldest wooden structure building one of the country's key cultural unit.

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