Sunday, November 30, 2008

Park Plaza on May 1 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

May 1 Square is located in the city center - Hill in the south, covers an area of 4.5 hectares, green area of 31,373 square meters. This is the Qing Dynasty when training with the "teach the South Course," after the revolution of the masses is the stadium, to the age of 70 into the square after the meeting, is Rongcheng has been the "center" and become Fuzhou Large-scale political and cultural activities in places of assembly, due to its geographical location and historical reasons, it is the status of the city center square in the city square any other can not be replaced. 1984 investment year after year to the original square into a political rally and the political culture of leisure activities for the whole political culture of the square. North of the square is the city party committee and government held a reception for foreign affairs, and other important places - in the Church Hill; the east province of Science and Technology Museum, the building telecommunications hub, Hong Yuan Garden, and other major landmarks; to the south is able to accommodate indoor 6,000 people in the province Stadium ; To the west of Fuzhou, People's Hall. City Square on May 1 has become Political and cultural center in Fuzhou, the general public enjoy the cool air of leisure activities in an important place, the city's annual New Year's Day and National Day flag-raising ceremony held here every?????500 million more than the building of spiritual civilization in Fuzhou is an important one window.

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