Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dragon Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wing Tai County Qingyunshan Scenic Area is the most surprising, "Blue Dragon Falls." "Ya Blue Dragon," 80 meters high, "a towering cliffs then the sky." There was a cliff top half of the groove love setting. Water flow fallen from slot and the love setting, was a half-empty block of rock. Water hit with stones, Kengkengqiangqiang; again, and then plunge down So after a similar round of 5 to form a beautiful, "stacked five-chuen", the Lushan Mountain, "Sandie Quan," the landscape beyond. "Blue Dragon Falls" by several sessions of the splash Chu Yu-fei, the focus again hydraulic force of power, the air down, "Green Longtan." The "Green Longtan" is the ancient volcano jet One of the mouth, but this stream Yingying, bamboo Youge people, a very poetic.

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