Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fuzhou Tibetan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Canon Hall clock tower in the southeast, was built 16 years Junji, the memory from history since the Song Dynasty emperor of the Royal Secret Inspector by a variety of books, together with the Temple of the graphic book by a total of 20,346, placed on 12 months CABINET; one Qing Emperor Kangxi to Qianlong years by the Royal Secret Inspector "possession of the Southern Ming Dynasty," "North possession of the Ming Dynasty," "Fan Ben Qing Dynasty" "Possession of books," and "possession of Japan and Syria" as well as Yu Bi "by pharmacists," the Ministry of thousands. There are also written in blood by the book 557. This is the Yongquan Temple, "Sambo". These blood-money by the Department of Guangxu years, the monks Huaneng thorn arm blood, a letter from King Valley with disabilities regular script "Prajna Paramita Mahayana Zhen Jing," all, Ding Hui Spurs division of blood, Keding writing "?????Buddha". Written with the blood of hundreds of Buddhist books, take a long time and a lot of blood, which requires long-term thorn in blood were not Chi Yan, will not only written in the blood coagulation soon. These Buddhist, part of the word was bright red because of blood in the transfer of Cinnabar; a Dark red, it is not transfer of Cinnabar. Hundreds of Buddhist books written in blood, the blood expression of the book were very pious and extraordinary determination. "On the sparse Kegon to compile" a total of 120 volumes of the book is the Qing Emperor Kangxi 2007 Yongquan Temple abbot Pei Road, spent 10 years in the Tang Dynasty, ancient Buddhist writings, "Shu Kegon note", "Kegon as" the basis of Re-edited from the revised, the representation of Buddhism in China is one of the book, for the rare treasure. Master Hong Yi was one of the 12 points presented to reprint the publication of major Japanese Buddhist Temple. Yongquan Temple in China was a Buddhist book publishing agency, has preserved a variety of books, statues, calligraphy and printing of a total of 11,375, Careful and precise work, meticulous. So, here's Hall of the Tibetan people have been referred to as "ancient Tibetan Buddhist version of Baoku." Block by the blood and treasure for the town of Temple. Canon's Dian-zhong Li Li-chu Tarija save souls and teeth.

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