Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wan Shishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Shishan Island Botanical Garden is the same as state-level scenic spots. You have this park, focusing on rock style concept million, to spend 000 million reward tree, goods history, the ancients thought of Xing Yu. The United States Botanic Garden, difficult to describe non-person, non-words that can be, especially for people from different regions. Southwest Lu Dao, competing peaks show Which covers an area of several acres, hillside, Xiamen Botanical Garden also. Shan Shi Yong-million, 10,000-sik, Park trees, ancient and modern calligrapher in more than 100 species of Inscription, dozens of small bridges pavilions. Lake diving, Bi Yan Jing-ray powder, deep singing, and added a bit quiet; Xiaoxiao Zhu Ying, the mind can clean up, straight tsugae, The opportunity of bettering enough sentiment; its winding streets, ancient temples like to Lin, wave Mountains Afar, stopped to tell, Sea Point high, the little white sail point. Wandan Yan Wan Shishan and Botanical Garden is located in Xiamen Island with the Shishan a mountain slope, only 0.5 km away from the urban areas, due to the strange rock stones, Zi-million, Wandan Shan got its name. The area in order to Rock landscape and sub-tropical landscape plant-based, the original round-Xiamen King "Xiao Zhong Heaven," "Wat million in the air", "Wat Yan Yu", "Stone laughs at peace" and "a Ziyun Road," " Qin-time high "and" Huxiyeyue "and so on, this is it. Forest of Stone Tablets in scenic areas, vigorous and effective Inscription can be seen everywhere, the famous ancient and modern Mexico Each with one stone. Shek Lin Wan Temple, the ancient temple built by the flowers just as rock. Lotus Temple at the top of the "Kwun million in the air", that is, Xiamen, one ancient King 24. Shen Jian Wan Shiyan under Artesian Bore Baths, is a small Taoyuan. Stone laughs at peace, that is, there are two stone adhesive on one end, open at one end, I like a laugh, it made its "peace stone laugh," Operator A natural way. Shek Wu million of the Peak, for Heaven Temple and Heaven Xiao Zhong.

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