Sunday, November 30, 2008

Forest Park in Fuzhou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Forest Park is located in Fuzhou, a northern suburb of Fuzhou, the new red-sur-Zhen, China one of the nine Forest Park. Fuzhou Arboretum was originally called, is set to visit scientific research and a comprehensive park. In February 1960 to build, with an area of 859.33 hectares. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, facing a water blessing to fly to East Road, West Lake Village, which borders the top and leaves Bayi Reservoir dam on the north shore of the south, north and the rural Lingtou adjacent to Beacon Hill. Was rectangular, Beacon Hill's top 643 meters above sea level. To the collection, exhibition Fujian trees, the introduction of the South Muk Min tree, boring days in the north Yang, Araucaria of tropical, subtropical of the camphor tree, the Chinese pine and temperate living fossil, known as the Silver , Metasequoia, and so on more than 2500 kinds of rare tree species at home and abroad. Sub-forest areas, nursery, greenhouse, the type of park, a rest area, and other parts of 5. Rest in the region have a chest more than 8 meters, covering an area more than 1330 square meters of ancient banyan, is a legend, the North Song-year period for households in Fuzhou Prefecture Zhangbo Yu Yung-sik, when the seeds. Niaoyu Lin Park, the botanical garden of rare, C. Park, Fuzhou Wang Yung stands in the garden.

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