Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hill was Beilang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the view of nine cents, on both sides of the display face 19 Bricks, Beilang form. Among them: Song Cai Xiangzhuan wrote, "Liu Ming Mengbomujie"; the Southern Song Dynasty, "stones" monument; the Yuan Dynasty "Three Sisters Wulong Ye Chi-tang European Crown" monument; written by the Ming Dynasty's "House, Fuzhou, four new school Xue Li Tian Ji "monument; Ka-ching champion in the early Qing Gong by the amount of title, while Lin Written by "Liu epitaph in the town," written by Yan Fu "Yan Xiu tablets Hall"; as well as information about the history of our country to preach the "real Shentang Monument", describing the Sino-French naval Song Ma's "Royal Secret Inspector General Fuzhou Mutu Monument good, "recorded in history and foreign relations," Wang Treasury tablets. " In addition to the Hill in the Bei Lang, more Cliff Inscription. Ao in the summit, Qigong Ci, Penglai, etc. peak of the Inscription are 113. Shannan "than the South Course Yanwu Office of Ming", the whole paragraph 330 cm high, 455 cm wide, a total of 219 words, is the largest city Cliff Inscription.

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