Sunday, November 30, 2008

Doosan view - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Doosan view of the prestige of the county seat is located 44 km northeast of Takada rural village of Fen Guan Hua Shan and Han Shan, 2000 meters above sea level, the scope of more than 20 square kilometers. Mountain hundred acres of flat area, the province distributed on a larger scale, the number of more prominent place Images of the stone. Doosan view of the temple was built Ming Dynasty. Legend is the Taoist one of the elders of the Joint Buddhist, Confucian teaching some of the followers of the two first built, and preparations for the construction of 12 of the original hall, completed in the actual hall 9. After being burned several times, the last time that continued construction in the early years of the Republic for 38 years, a total of 9 to repair the main hall, the building area of 6200 square meters. Later Have been seriously damaged, some of which have been rotting wooden statues, and ancient stone statues of Buddha, Buddhist Taiwan, and 9 of the pillars of the hall is still stone wall. The size of the stone carving art, as many of the technical skills, rarely seen in the three provinces in the southwest, said the treasure-house of stone carving art. Especially the melting of the three religions Buddhism Road, and all kinds of folklore History as a furnace, the most characteristic.

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